A child just wants to be a child - eagerness for gender-neutral education

A child just wants to be a child - eagerness for gender-neutral education

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Non-sex education is gaining in popularity. We have collected some good reasons why it might be worth considering an unusual method.

A child just wants to be a child - eagerness for gender-neutral education

What is gender-neutral education?

The essence of the gender-neutral, that is, gender-neutral educational principle is that it is confronted with social gender stereotypes and expectations let's not look at it our child, and let him you can freely change your behavior regardless of gender. So, for example, if our little one sees that we live in our bodies and wants to try it, then instead of telling them "the boys don't do that", let him. Or just as if your baby wants to play with cars instead of babies, we don't block them, but let them play the game with whatever they want. which would not be likely to follow gender stereotypes. As they grow up, they will have a better relationship with the opposite sex, and when choosing a job, they will be more free to choose: girls, for example, are more likely to opt for math or computer science.

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Of course, in 100 percent, it is impossible to raise a child in a gender-neutral way, as you will have to face social standards as soon as you leave home. However, what is happening in the family is so ubiquitous for human development. But let's see what the benefits of a child-neutral parenting can be:

1. It will be freer

By liberating children from gender stereotypes, the child will also feel freer. You'll be bitter about it take it upon yourself, thoughts, unique personalities, and fewer others. We can do this with small changes like not telling our son that "boys don't cry", but also comforting him as much as our soul.

2. You will have more experience (more career opportunities)

Childhood is about discovering, gaining experience. And all of this is done primarily through play activities and play things through our games. If a baby can play with more than just babies, they can gain new experiences that they wouldn't be able to. For an adult, this can have the benefits of not only being a "junior" professional in the career field, but also being a famous physicist or a great IT professional. Not to mention it is on weekdays as well it will get better And no light bulb or car tire replacement will be a problem for him. Likewise, no boy will have a foreign activity in cooking or staying home with the child if he does.

3. It will be more creative

Being able to get to know much more about a child makes him or her more creative. This is an advantage in Iran, when problem-solving and critical thinking are top of the list of future labor market expectations. It is also due to the fact that this kind of upbringing also calls for a myriad of things and familiar patterns, with great certainty critical thinking will also be more advanced than its peers.

4. You will communicate more smoothly

If we are educated in a neutral way from the outset, the day will come when the child will, with social norms, ask us more and more serious questions. As we speak more openly and honestly about these, we will have a closer parent-child relationship, and sooner will have a similarly open and honest dialogue with us and our peers. besides higher emotional intelligence and empathy that you can only profit from at the level.

5. Gain a better understanding and appreciation

Although we may not see much advantage in non-sex education at a young age, we can almost certainly be sure that each and every shift will double in value. Because at a young age they had so much to experience and discover about the world and themselves, so much more цnismeretre gain adulthood. And this is straight for him over self-confidence. And what more can a parent need than to have strong, confident grown-up children.

6. It is easier to understand the other gender

It is understood that, at a young age, both of them could play out their roles, he grew up you will know more about the opposite sex. As their communication becomes less diverse, they will understand each other more easily. This can be beneficial for casual personal relationships as well as for relationships.

7. Leadership can be chosen

When a child is raised to be clear of his or her values, accept and love himself or herself, he or she is more likely to be a leader or senior position felnхttkйnt. It will be more creative, more interesting, more critical and more curious - all of which are exclusive leadership qualities. Raised in such a free environment, he will also be more free to decide his lot and will know exactly that his life is in his own hands. They all, both unambiguously, predict a successful life. (Chap: Fisher-Price BeatBo Robot)Related articles on Child Development:
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