What only nature can give a child

What only nature can give a child

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We are less and less in nature, even though it is a natural environment for man and children to be outdoors. Nature can teach us a great deal, and among others, basic skills are better developed.

What only nature can give a childWe hear more and more that we are suffering from a lack of nature and that we spend little time outdoors under the open air. Yet this is our natural medium, and in nature, the basic abilities needed for life are best developed. It may be surprising at first, but it is essential in nature to be patient, alert, persistent, and conscious. Nature also chose to be a kid learn to play. And it is very important that those who have a relationship with nature can gain some basic experience.

1. Presence

All of our sensory organs receive direct stimuli; to connect with nature And with this world. It is here and in the present, in the conscious presence. From a mental health perspective, this is a very important experience that, if considered natural in childhood, can be a great help for an adult.

2. Creativity

Nothing is the same in nature, and the conditions and framework of the games are not established. If a child in nature wants to play, he or she will find it difficult to find new ideas, new solutions. But it's not just creativity, it's a freedom sensation it can also survive.

3. Experience what is

Experience what it is like to fuck, sweat, pamper yourself - you certainly can't survive in a playhouse or in the room. Yes, when talking. This will not only give the child the experience of a country, but also you also have to exert effort, for example, you are too tired to call a taxi in the middle of the forest to take you home. In nature, there are many situations in which we need to gain strength. These are experiences ellenбllуvб they do us not only in your sense of the weather, but also in the hardships of life.

4. Conclusion - Not just for people

Yes, playing games is very important, but it would be just as important to know kцtхdni to a tree, to a bird, to a mood, or to a smell.In nature, a child is not just in the good air or can play with his peers, but in a natural environment where you can learn things about nature, life in a nutshell.Related articles in nature:
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