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29 tired, super tips for new parents

29 tired, super tips for new parents

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Welcome to the coolest training wine! Has your baby been born recently? Then you know for sure, not everything is as simple as you initially imagined it to be.

Our tips will make your baby's life easier

Experienced parents have given us their best tips on how to spend your first time. Feel free to accept the following 29 tips 1. Refuse visits! Yes, it is a great pleasure for a baby, but you are obviously not in the first two weeks of having fun with others. This is the biggest mistake that many people make. If your baby is upset, put it in a safe place and place it take a big air. You can go to the other room for half a minute while you calm down. If you start to run out of patience, it is better that you take a step back instead of filling your baby with anger.3. When changing a diaper, always put a clean underneath before removing it from the baby. Нgy you can avoid it hanging out or lie down.4. If you're not so happy this time, it's okay. Come on you are not a bad parentand that does not mean that you do not like your baby.5. Always have food in the frost. In the first few days, when you can get on your feet, this is very important. But it can be better to have a cook in the freezer when, for example, your baby is extra distressed or sick and you are in the doctor all day.6. Come on! Many parents are worried about developing bad habits. But you can't spoil a baby. Love it. Keep a lot in your arms. Get together often. This period will pass very soon.7. Don't get into the "mother of war"! Going to work or staying at home, feeding or breastfeeding, wanting to leave or comforting, baby sleeping or sleeping together - do as you want, don't listen to others!8. Don't forget about yourself! Buy a bath, read books, take a walk, sometimes do something without your baby. Your baby is wonderful, yes, but you are too! Find somebody who watches for an urn and get started! 9th If you have to give medicine to the baby, head in the face. You also have to swallow it involuntarily. This is a very useful trükk.10. If you feel so overwhelmed because the first year is very tough, remind yourself that this is just an ive of your life, but your baby has a huge need for you during this time. The bare fraction of our lives is a year, but they depend on the full extent.11. Set realistic goals on breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is a wonderful thing, but it can also be very difficult in the first few weeks, try not to stress it.12. If the baby you can't bite your cicide well, you can put more emphasis on proper breast technique, or you can use a bunch of bunches that is not the same as a bunch. Breastfeeding can also be a good tool for highlighting the nipple.13. Don't let the opinions of others frustrate you. Take care of your baby the way you do. If she is developing well and happy, then you're sure you're going here.14. You should choose comfortable furniture, breastfeeding or lying down. At first the baby will eat almost overnight, well, if you have tools that make your job easierwhether you are breastfeeding or feeding your baby. Get out with the baby. Go for a walk with him, try to get a stone so the baby is in the stroller. It is so easy to get anywhere with us, and the diverse environment also benefits you.16. Maintain (leaving a few short distances) manage your mom forums and Facebook groups. You may encounter repentance, criticism, and bad advice, which can easily disrupt your mental equilibrium.17. Remember, people never post if they don't feel good. In the mediocre world, you constantly see perfect photos of other people's lives. But they also have bad days, but they just don't do it. Don't think you're weak, just because you can't see others suffering.18. Sleep when your baby is sleeping! This tip can save your life in the first few months.19. Put a mattress cover on your baby's mattressso if you notice in the middle of the night that the pee has run out of diapers, you only have to change the waterproof and overcoat layer and you can sleep for longer. So you don't have to remove your baby's mattress at 3 am.20. Postpartum birth can be depressing but there is a cure for it. If you notice any of the symptoms, contact a specialist! 21st Little things can go awry. Are you not showering that day and are you messing around in the apartment? What? As long as your baby and you are healthy and enjoy the time you spend together, the rest is there. You're going to be a lot more routine soon, in the meantime prуbбld control the "chaos".22. Always have at least one change of clothes in the car for the baby and you too. "Accidents" always happen when you least expect it. At least wet wipes are so essential.23. Remember, before you were born, you were a couple. Never don't forget about your relationship. Always take time for one another. If that just means that I can talk for a few minutes in the evening and talk about your minds in the middle of the night, too. Let them help. If someone offers to take care of the little one, or covers you, or brings you dinner or talks to you: accept it! It can make you lonely and exhausted if you always do everything alone. You will not be less or worse a mother if someone helps on difficult days.25. Remember, if anything goes wrong, it will not the baby's fault. If you shit, if you do not want to sleep, if you are chasing you already, believe me, you are not doing it because it is evil. Just try to figure out how this new, unusual world works and try to feel good about it.26. You don't need the latest, the coolest baby stuff. The baby will survive if you are not pushing in a $ 150 baby stroller.27. Believe me, no one else canwhat to do and they are full of uncertainty, doubts. It is inconceivable for our parents to have succeeded without Google. :-) 28th Learn to be flexible. From your parenting plan to how to pick up a baby, there are many things you could think of. If you plan everything and want to control it, it will only make you nervous if things never happen again. And you don't need stress, so be flexible and fit change your health.29. You can do it! You're going to be a mom! Your child - believe me - you are the best! There is no perfect mother. If you make a mistake, you will just recognize the mistake and try to strive for the right. Your intentions are the most important. The source of the article is here.