My mom is Hungarian, my dad is Egyptian

My mom is Hungarian, my dad is Egyptian

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In Egypt, life is completely different, other traditions, opportunities. There is something we can envy.

Sherif Hosny (37) Real Estate Investor
Homeland: Egypt, Cairo, 2004 й ta l in Hungary
Felesйge: Ligeti Йva irodavezetх
son: Amir, 6 and f ile years
(Sheriff and Amir in a previous photo)
I was born in Cairo, but I lived in Dubai between the age of one and eighteen. After graduation I studied at the Technical University of Budapest. I met my future wife when I was last year.
Changing my country, home, and culture was not easy at first, but I gradually got used to it. Since my baby was born, you will see a number of striking differences in the gyereknevelйs terьletйn. Usually children stay home with their mother until the age of six. Very few give birth to children, and only when the mother supports the family.
After childbirth, unpaid leave can be claimed by moms for as long as they wish to stay at home. If you return to work after ten years, you may be required to take it back. Perhaps this is also due to the fact that family reunion much tighter in my country. This strong rope and relief will never be lost. Families generally try to keep their geographic proximity. Young people are looking for a home in the immediate vicinity of their parents and brothers and sisters. Generational unity is also common in us. My grandmother is old and needs more travels, so my parents decided it was better to live with them. After my sister was born, my mother spent two months helping her with everything. This is a habit in every family. In Hungary this is more difficult to operate.

Illustrations - Parents stay home with the child for as long as they want

When our baby was born, my mother was able to spend a little time with me, I worked, and the majority of the tasks were done by my wife alone.
In Egypt, an average family raises three to four children, but big cities and small villages show another pattern. In primary schools, teachers teach in difficult conditions, with an average grade of 35-40. Discipline is no great challenge either, because respect for adults and children is an essential part of our culture.
Many times my wife explains something to my two-year-old little boy as if he were an adult, although there are things that you don't have to do, just do it. There is something a child can do, and there is something a child cannot. No need for a contractorfor example, if you want to play with a double-edged round.
The answer is clear: no. I still have thirty years old "Gender" in my life. I wouldn't even think of collecting or asking before my parents. There are some essentials that make life simpler, clearer. The root of this is the interrelation of our religion and culture, our everyday lives.