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Protect your child from molestation!

A defense has been raised against a retired man who cheated on a seven-year-old baby in the house last December. Can a parent do anything to prevent a similar situation?

Protect your child from molestation!

Last December, a Cegled mother reported to the police that her seven-year-old girl had disappeared. The baby went to the kindergarten for kindergarten because the mother-in-law and no one was able to help bring the smaller child out of school. he should look for the baby. He suspected the man had repeatedly tried to lure the man into his house several times during his childhood. Police found the baby in a 66-year-old retired man. The police found several clues that led the man to molest the baby. reports that the man has now been charged with sexual assault and personal liberty. Csuggy Gyugyi, the Pest County Chief of Health confirmed at the request of that he had been defended against the man, but he did not want to say more due to the age of the victim. there is a lot of latency and a lot of dead myths.

What is Sexual Punishment?

According to Egйszsйgьgyi Vilбgszervezet (WHO) definнciуja zaklatбsnak minхsьl all magatartбs that the felnхtt sexually-orientated йrdeklхdйsйnek, vбgyбnak kielйgнtйse hasznбlja the child is tevйkenysйgekre cйljбbуl that do not йletkorбnak children, megfelelхek fejlхdйsйnek, йppen ezйrt the child does not йrti, tehбt not disclose beleegyezйsйt . This includes kidnapping a child, but also being in the presence of porn or intentionally having sex in the presence. Sexual violence also has exploitation and commercial forms that fall into this definition, such as prostitution, sex tourism, pornography or the marital exploitation of children, and genital mutilation.Dr. Szilvia Gyurkу children's rights in a number of interviews, for example, he said that 700 cases of child sexual abuse cases in Hungary are prosecuted every year, but that my research case is much higher. There are probably 100 out of 100 cases in parents or other adults, but it is just one of the ways in which it is believed that sexual abuse tцbbsйgйben, 90% family member, friendly, relative, acquaintanceIt is a stereotype that a victim can only be a girl, this is not true either, boys are sexually punished, and in a third of them victims are victims, even though they are still more fatal than girls. Boys still love more, which has happened to us and even less to tell others.As a stereotype, it is a matter of calling out. It does not matter, it is irrelevant, it is not the sins of those who come in shorter skirts. This attitude blames the victim, suggesting that they can arrogate to be blamed.

Can it be prevented at all?

This is a very difficult request, because the parent cannot be with his / her child at all times, and he / she must not educate anyone to believe that the world is wicked and has a lot of bad people in it. No one can be educated in constant suspicion, mistrust or compassion, but there are a few important things to keep in mind. sexual arousal, sex education in Hungary today is very low. Neither parents nor school talk to children about sex, love, intimacy, porn, bodybuilding, but almost anything. Sexuality is generally taboo in Hungary, even though we have no normal words for the genitals, or have official / medical or infantilistic or vulgar denominations. the ability to say no or conscious consent in general, they miss the Hungarian society. Those kids are at risk, who know little about sexuality, their own bodies, those who are emotionally neglected, grow up in a cold, bullying environment.It would be important to teach the children what parts of the body to call and also the genitals, the lips to be an intimate, private area. It is also a matter of respecting the bodies that no one can reach out to them without asking, because little is not an object: in many countries in Western Europe, a pediatrician what will happen next. This kind of respect is still very much lacking in Hungarian society. white rule: this means that no one has the right to write parts covered by whites without their permission.His body is the property of only х, he has it, you don't have to do anything you don't want, eg. you don't have to kiss anybody if he doesn't want to, but you also have to tolerate, let someone, say your neighbor's uncle want to kiss.It would be useful to teach children that in any situation they can say noif the situation or what they are asking for is unpleasant, embarrassing, fearful, even if someone is asking for an adult! Teach them what to say, eg. Бllj! No! Leave me alone! How to shout, ask for help. It's important that we know there are good and bad secrets. The secret to what I will give to the priest on his birthday, or that my friends are in love with them, will give us good, pleasant, or even very funny feelings. A bad secret that causes sadness, which is like a heavy weight on a person. We do not share a bad secret, we share it with those we trust, and here we come to the following important point: the child should know that there are grown-ups in life, ideally parents who can be trusted, whom they can always tell and who him.
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