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Eye troubles

Eye troubles

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We take care of it as our eyes ... It doesn't matter if we know your most common illnesses.

eye troubles


When the child's eyes are red, they are actually inflamed. In parts that look white, you may experience increased blood flow. Redness is almost always enhanced by sensitivity and lightness. Immune substances were also present in the case of simpler complaints light accelerates healing.
- If foreign bodies, such as dust, eyelashes, tiny beetles are in the eyes, it is worth looking at instead of rubbing and blinking and abundant light wash away. Here's a simple cure: the eyes should be rested, and for a few days we limit the time the little one spends in front of the screen to a quarter of an hour.- Allergies can also cause inflammation of the eyes. Not only pollens, but also the fumes, animal hair, and many other factors in household cleaners can trigger a hot flash. You may also experience severe itching, and rubbing usually exacerbates the sting.- If we find that the child's eyes are strong, and in the morning, his eyes may get stuck, he may have become infected. Rinse eyes carefully with cooled boiling water or filtered chamomile tea, then take to a doctor. You can also visit an ophthalmologist without referral. Occasionally, the inflammation is stubborn and the treatment supervisor does not improve. In such cases, it is likely that the inflammation has reached the cornea. In this case consult a specialist.


Based on surveys, every third beginner in school has bad eyes. Parents usually do not notice this, and small children do not complain, as it is a natural habit. You may suspect that if you hit objects frequently, you fall off your desk, not just at the edge of the table, but just place the cup, irritable, inattentive. Some of the troubles may come from not seeing you well, and not getting the feedback you expect from the environment, for example, dropping the glass while placing it on the table. Of course, because of his ineptitude, he is scolded and even published when he hits a bull. There is a vicious circle, even though the real reason is that there is only light in the pre-school exams. The nerve endings are constantly evolving until the age of twelve. Go for an eye examination, otherwise permanent vision errors may occur. In particular, the cost of treatment is reduced. Seek help from a pediatrician if your child is unduly "bad", appears to be leaning in the middle when drawing, blinking in the midst of retirement, or often blurring his eyes. Even if there are parents and relatives who have worn childish eyeglasses, they should be examined.

Sensitive child eyes

The sun's UV rays are a danger not only to the skin but also to the eyes. Small children and blue eyes are particularly sensitive to the harmful rays, therefore sunbathing on the beach, on the beach, recommended UV filter sunglassesto wear. They are not suitable for this purpose, they are available in streetwear, fashionable shapes, colored sunglasses, and only good quality goods are offered by an optical specialist. Symptoms similar to sunburn may occur in sunlight.You can also mix up an eye infection in the sandpit. Wash off any sand that comes into contact with the eyes (well, if we bring water in a small glass, the tap will not run). In swimming pools and on the beach, it is not the purity of the double water that causes the redness of the eyes, but the concentration of the disinfectants contained in it. This does not always mean cataract, but seek medical attention if your child's eyes are itchy, dry, or feverish. Pollen allergy is an uncomfortable complication of the itching and relief of the eyes. Seek medical attention and use any eye drops prescribed by him.Hint: A useful home remedy is edema. Let us boil a teaspoonful of seeds in a deciliter of water, let it cool, filter it, and roll our eyes with the brew.

Let's open our eyes!

A wide-brimmed hat or a helmet that puts a shadow on the face is practical. It is a great service when you are on the beach, when you look at the shoulders and the back with the back and sides. It can also require sunglasses in very strong light on the water. Especially children with blue eyes who are prone to allergies are sensitive. We also need to buy sunglasses for the child in a specialist shop, making sure that they are UV-filtered. The cheap, fashion-looking, color-coded wares might appeal to her, but we were worth more with such a piece than if she hadn't had glasses at all. The light is obscured by the dark glass, so the pupil expands, but UV rays can pass through it, and through the expansive pupil, the surface of the nerve is also less the light, and this gives the child information about the environment. Flexible sunglasses and sunglasses with plastic lenses are better suited for application.

When do I need glasses?

THE babies' sighting is fully developed by the age of six months, they see everything sharply and in three dimensions - ideally. However, in children and adolescents, there are dozens of visual disturbances. Only a fraction of this is discovered by a nurse or pediatrician, especially parents who need to pay attention to small children and seek medical attention in case of suspicious symptoms. Warning sign if
- even at three months old, eye movement is disordered,
- gray spots on the lens are visible,
- eyes varying in size, light red in color, slightly obtrusive to light,
- the child puts his eyes together in a watchful eye,
- Chuckle, it seems fárradékony.Okly kancsalsбg it is important that treatment is started in good time. THE children from 5 to 7 percent this is a bug. Healthy eyes carry two images into the brain where they are projected onto each other. However, the image of the haunted eye is incompatible with the other, so the brain is more likely to "turn it off," and the eye gradually loses sight. By the age of six, one eye is fatal and irreversible. Many times the strabismus is not so pronounced, but it is a flabbergasting symptom if the child avoids the light, blinks a lot, and his eyes are permanently inflamed. The treatment begins six months later: the healthy eye is covered and this mare is used to get the eye in the right direction. The kancsalsбgot often tбvollбtбs kнsйri.A mбsodik йletйvben szemьveget you have already get a small child, the бm kancsalsбg often as contemplated herein mыtйttel szьntethetх tбvollбtбs йs rцvidlбtбs rйszben be цrцkletes: if mindkйt szьlх rцvidlбtу, children 25-50 szбzalйkos valуszнnыsйggel themselves they will be. Visual errors are more common in early births. If your doctor prescribes eyeglasses, make sure your child is wearing them properly. Those under the age of two are quick to get used to and enjoy their good fortune, while a jovial, defiant, restless toddler changes all at once. Make sure it fits snugly into the nose saddle. Check frequently to see if the eyeglass frame has broken the small skin.


The skin baktйrium caused fertхzйs, which occurs in the lashes of the eyelids, the inflammation of the eyelid glands is next. The swollen eyelid is painful and disrupts vision. It would be a good idea to get rid of it first, to help you get tired and fatigued by trying it out. After this, the barley is shed and heals without a trace. In a good case, the process takes two to three days. If pressed, dirty, the bloodstream may be drawn into the bloodstream or spread to adjacent eyelashes. You can get your hands on the carp, rather several times a day sprinkle with warm water sterile steamChamomile compress can cause an allergic reaction in your eyes. In some cases, the barley does not ripen, its "root", the bulwark turns inside, only the red bulb is visible, but it is persistent. In this case, you should consult an ophthalmologist who will open or apply an anti-inflammatory ointment. Warts are contagious, so wash your hands often! Care should be taken to avoid accidental replacement of family members. Let's try to stop the barley from scratching, rubbing.Related articles:
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