There is a domestic shortage of mandatory vaccines

There is a domestic shortage of mandatory vaccines

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There are several national deficiencies of vaccines: compulsory vaccines against mumps, bends, rubella are missing from the system. It will remain so until the end of May. The solution for the time being is to pay for another free and compulsory vaccine.

There is a domestic shortage of mandatory vaccinesThe Sunday News has stated that there is currently a national shortage of compulsory and free vaccinations: so is the combined vaccine against curvature, mumps and rubella, but this is not the only thing that can last for long. Based on data from the Pharmaceutical and Nutrition and Health Institute (OGYЙI).
The reason why there is not enough vaccine is that the manufacturer replied that it is not always possible to properly calculate the amount needed. They say that a deficient vaccine can be replaced by vaccines from another company.Poet GyцrgyAccording to the chairman of the Association of Home Pediatricians it is possible to replace it, but in this case it has to be prescribed and the parents have to replace it in the pharmacy. That is, you have to pay for the free and compulsory vaccination. The price is around 13 thousand HUF. This currently appears to be the only solution to this problem.Related articles in defense law:
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