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That's how the kid picks up the baby

Several hundred people can attack the human body, but in the midst of our climate and living conditions, we do not have to worry about the world.

This can spread the infection in the stools, ovaries

Tsarnagil and orsufiareg

Gyerekkцzцssйgekben talбlkozunk inkбbb only kйtfйlйvel the szйkletben napvilбgra kerьlх aprу, fehйr fйrgeket cйrnagilisztбnak the hasonlу mуdon felfedezhetх, akбr hъszcentis nagysбgot can cause nevezzьk.Manapsбg ritkбn elйrх йlхskцdхket orsуfйregnek feltыnх complaints bйlfйrgek, usually only ъgy йrtesьlьnk lйtezйsьkrхl to felfedezzьk хket children szйkletйben . Poison wheat puts its eggs on the vertebrae and causes extremely severe, mild itching in this place, which is also a symptom that disappears after a few days before the weaning of the worms eggs spread from person to person, usually by hand mediation. The little kid scratches his butt because of his mild itching, and then grabs a toy or turkey who hands a handful of eggs into his mouth. It is not uncommon for a nursery school to have multiple infections within the nursery. They can only be removed by careful washing several times. The spindle is much rarer but similar in spread than the carnivore.
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