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Which really relaxes my mom

Which really relaxes my mom

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Can you have enough rest? - This is probably one of the most common questions asked of pregnant women. However, during pregnancy, it is not at all advantageous and undesirable for most people to rest during rest, that is, lying down and doing nothing.

Which is really relaxing

Everything we do happily and willingly contributes to replenishing our energy reserves. Of course, there is always time to sleep, but just as much as we really need.
  • walking, talking
  • a picnic trip
  • reading, internet
  • kirakatnйzegetйs
  • everything that is played: social, card, crossword
  • all hobbies: knitting, sewing, cooking, music.
  • Relaxation is important during pregnancy, but more importantly, it is exercise and stress avoidance. There are very effective ways to relieve stress. But let's mention a few:
  • Jуgбzz! - Focus on breathing to keep you in balance. it teaches awareness, inner activity, inward monitoring while relaxing, replenishing. Not too late for movement.
  • Listen to music! - you whimper or just soothe when you're done.
  • Come to Massage - It does both body and soul good service.
  • Meditбlj! - If you are experiencing a psychotic seizure, you may want to seek the help of a professional or help with meditation or auto training.
  • We know that pregnancy is another condition, but not a disease. You also need exercise during pregnancy. If you were an athlete before, you absolutely need to stop, of course you should talk to your doctor about birth. There are many things to choose from: yoga, belly training, exercise (walking 2-3 km / day), jogging, gymnastics, gymnastics.
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