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Sculpting carvings from my kid!

Sculpting carvings from my kid!

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Have you ever heard that a prospective Olympian needs to go to workout on a daily basis for about four years? Of course, that sounds like a legend, but the country is just fine.

Let's say your child goes to bed three times a week. You can still call it coaching, but for coaches, coaching and learning is another matter.
It's hard to ask when you can race your kids. There are parents who, with a very strong determination, bring the year-round child to the swimming pool so that they can swim and want to train every day. However, knowledge of fall is a matter for the parents and for the teacher. If you end up in the 50-meter pool, that doesn't mean you can fall. It makes sense for you to sleep on a daily basis once you have completed your two-year education, you know all this with relatively correct techniques, and have been around for six to six years.

Will he be a racer?

But still, the dilemma of whether to continue training is still great. It's worth competing. Many people ask me this question relatively soon after the end of education. Can't answer it! Of course, if the child wants to, he / she will definitely train, compete, then he / she will see the others anyway, compare his / her performance with the others and decide where to go. If the results come, you will stay. When the company comes, it will stay. If you have "just" spent five years already, you will have a good foundation to build on and get used to a swimming pool that is unmatched.
I don't think anyone who tells me about a child of four is going to be an athlete or just a hobby. Of course, it can be diverted into something, it can be pleasing, it can be forced, but it is only time and diligence that decides what it will become. To be a good child is only half of the thing. Being able to move, he learns quickly and pays attention. But maybe for a while, once you know all of my instincts, you're not going to be bothered to jump back and forth in the pool. However, at first, a slightly more unkind child may find coaches and friends that can't be dragged away from the swimming pool, and are ready to start at six in the morning! And perseverance can work wonders!

It's up to you!

But as long as we don't have to make that decision because the kids aren't there yet, it's a good idea to have your family go to the pool together. It might be a little macabre with two or three kids, but it's worth it. If they think that sports can be a good family program, then we have already won. As long as Daddy drinks, Mom plays with the kids, and vice versa. As you get wet, you may be able to swim in deeper water, so we can take it with you. But only if, as instructed, you are absolutely safe! He doesn't need to teach him anything, we trust this specialist!

Some of the games we can play with us:

In small water with three or so years old (who are still not under water):
  • bubble head into the water in all quantities
  • watering, like the heads
  • we can model the big rain with our hands

  • For those who are already under water:
  • Go over the hand / foot
  • kincskeresйs
  • water jumps with the help of

  • For anyone who is already eating deep water or has just begun to get used to it, I suggest that it is only worth playing what your child starts. There must be many games he teaches the parent that the educator has already played. Let's get ahead and get the job done!

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