There may be a psychological reason if a baby has stomach

There may be a psychological reason if a baby has stomach

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In many cases, there is no physical cause for a child's stomach but can be attributed to some spiritual cause. However, a Hungarian method can help to cope with infant behavioral disorders.

There may be a psychological reason if a baby has stomach

"I'll kill you!" - many parents reassure themselves when their baby is experiencing some physical symptom and tend not to find the wrong reason to explain the problem. However, many times it turns out that the bodily symptom was in effect not organ changes, but spiritual causes, for example, there are family tensions. Dr. Aschenbrenner Zsuzsanna According to a 10-year-old method known in the home, many difficult moments and unnecessary examinations could make the little ones and their parents pregnant. Many people find it almost natural for a baby to have headaches or stomachs for a long period of time, to be constantly bothered by toothache, to be hyperactive, lean, or difficult to feed, even with good yeast loss. Against this backdrop, the pediatrician often does not find the disease so the desperate parent is reluctant to subject the child to further, sometimes overwhelming, unsuccessful examinations that do not lead to a real solution to the problem.

Aschenbrenner Zsuzsanna

"In such cases, it is advisable to examine the relationship between the baby and the parents or the family, as the toddler its behavior often reflects only the environment. This is a relatively new but well-established method over a period of ten years that has been practiced in Hungary by a German-born Hederverri-Heller Йva developed. The integrated baby / toddler consultation can solve the problem of behavioral problems of small children up to the age of one year, which cannot be explained by organic causes "- said Dr. Zsuzsanna Aschenbrenner pediatrician, integrated infant / toddler consultant, child therapist. even if they are living under the same roof - you are expecting a whole family to come to the meeting together. can also help psychologists, but it may also be less important to develop and help in early childhood problems. s Meetings are worth doing once a week, and parents need to be open. " This is when the relationship between the caregiver and the caregiver develops, and his / her movement and personality develop rapidly. Just as early detection and early development are important for physical problems, so are relational and psychological problems. If the family does not receive the help they need in a timely manner, it can affect the health, longevity and relationships of the child, "said Dr. Zsuzsanna Aschenbrenner. During the consultation, relationship tension, or the parent's own insecurity, anxiety, and in some cases, his or her depression with this effect on the baby's behavior.Related Articles: