You Can Get Pregnant with EndometriosisThe beginning of a true story

You Can Get Pregnant with EndometriosisThe beginning of a true story

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He is young, energetic and happy, despite having returned to hell, suffering from endometriosis. However, after the mysterious woman's illness, her life took a turn and everything changed. You read the story.

"I'm thankful for the story"

Last December, a lavish store opened in the capital, where the likes of vegan, organic and macrobiotic nutrition could appeal to specialty products. One of the owners of the shop, Csilla Forrу (33), has come a long way before leaving her original profession - she has been diagnosed with a headache since she was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2009, which has completely disrupted her . - I weighed 8-10 kilos, became alert, and was in a state that I would have jumped off the balcony. I felt like I was completely alone, had panic attacks, and not only when I was menstruating. I remember if it wasn't for the cold, I couldn't go to work. At home I suffered, I was scared when I went to the toilet because everything went on me. I just lay there. I tried to relieve the pain with medicine, warm salt, caress, and prayed for it to end. I came to my cousin in the fall to try macrobiotic nutrition while trying to make diagnostic examinations, what was found only in the kitchen, the cool contents were not modified and the necessary ingredients were taken into consideration. - Before, I felt like eating healthy, even though I wasn't conscious at all, hadn't looked at a label, had eaten meat with fries, so I was shocked when my kitchen was cleared. I holy thought I was going to die soon - recalls the young woman who had the transition more effective than she thought. His cyst became smaller, and after a year and a half his cycle returned to its original circular pattern, with no symptoms.
The macrobiotic

Old Hippocrates and the Greek word for "macro bios", which means longevity, have been named by George Oshawa as a form of nutrition and vision. An ancient samurai, born of a family, was cured of tuberculosis by the Yin-Yang theory of traditional Chinese medicine for 19 years. The essence of macrobiotics is a diet rich in balance, fiber, greens, whole grains, complex carbohydrates, in which the local, fresh fruit and vegetable are favored and all the essential ingredients are found. The diet is recommended for the prevention of civilization diseases, additional treatment (overweight, headache, allergies, cancer, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal problems, diabetes).

In the meantime, he began to train himself in theory, because he wanted to know what was in the background, what made him feel better. First, he completed a training course in macrobiotics in America, then began to organize cooking classes for his friends at home, with newly learned recipes and culinary techniques.
His illness, meanwhile, took a new course: one year after diagnosis, he became pregnant, but at week 12 he had to terminate his pregnancy on medical advice. - It shocked my body: by that time, all my symptoms had gone away, everything started from the beginning because of the interruption. There was a 10-inch cyst in my left ovary, the rashes came with irish pain. The doctor said I had three weeks to complain until the next bleeding, and I had to count. Then I started a cure diet, and within three weeks the cyst was reduced to five inches, and my symptoms started to subside. I got the shot, ”he says with a smile.
By then he knew for sure that his previous life rhythm was not conducive to illness, so after a long period of thinking he resigned from the media ministry where he had been working for years, then from October 2011 to April next. Outside, he met a Hungarian girl whose life was strikingly similar to that of her years: she began to dream of macrobiotics at home, breaking the hair of her multicolored hair. Together, they rebuilt their worlds, opening their shop home, where they are trying to pass on what they have learned to foreigners.
- In the shop, I find that many people are losing their lives. But I'm very sick of the disease. He reminded me that I had to deal with myself instead of others. It's important for us women to be strong, because then we can carry everything on our backs, he says. This latter statement, however, makes sense in a New Initiative: a union has been created with his friends (more here!), Specifically for those affected by ailments, in the concordance. There is no rest next to the shop, as Feminine Supply provides work - it continually exposes its patients to be a positive inspiration for others on the way to healing. In addition, after the interview, the miracle came shortly afterwards: she became pregnant naturally and was expecting their first baby…

The miracle is over!

We continue the Csilla story!