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This is how the baby works if you let it slide

Fortunately, fewer and fewer people think that it is good for your baby's lungs to let them cry. Not only is it useful, but it is worth it if the parent does not respond to the baby's baby.

Babies cry because they are not capable of expressing themselves. They can't talk, they can't straighten their clothes, they can't harvest when they get cold. That is why every problem that I have is crying, crying, being hungry, being restless, being cold, being reassuring.How Your Baby Affects If You Let It Run (pic: iStock) It was widespread 30-40 years ago that babies are urged to manipulate their environment, that they should not respond to their urgency, that they should stop and learn to stop blackmailing. This is true to the point that you really want to draw attention to it, but this is not a conscious, pre-planned manipulation, but a biological necessity, a far cry, because you just can't help voicing it. it is true that if we do not learn to help, we are more accustomed to being alone, being lonely. Sooner or later we stop quitting, but not because they have resolved the problem, but because they get tired. They get the sense that they are not important to their environment and will not cry. However, do not think that some good behavior has been regretted, but rather that it is not worth noting if it is a problem. Often times you do not know what the exact reason is, but you can observe that they relax in body contact, and even that much, almost permanently carried baby cries less. There is nothing surprising about it: since the drutan-hair experiment, we know that the physical proximity to the baby is determined.

But what happens if we let the baby cry?

From developmental psychology, we know that weight production produces a stress hormone, and that elevated levels adversely affect the baby's brain maturation process. activated, the one responsible for the alarm. The baby's heart rate, blood pressure, flushes, his muscles are tense, and he breathes more quickly. If help does not come in time, this state will be maintained much longer than would be acceptable.

Tune-in, acceptance

It's important to realize that babies are shit. Who is less, who is more. In order to be good with us, we need to be able to tune in to the baby. Also, remember that babies live in such a symbiosis with their mother in the first days that they cannot make a difference between themselves and them, and do not look at themselves with a delicate character. There is a need for this close association, which does not mean that you have to be with the baby every second, but that when you need it, it tells you to be there. If you find yourself always getting help - which can take many forms: breastfeeding, massage, caress, body contact - you will feel more secure.
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