Turkey dinner

Turkey dinner

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From sandwiches to fruity curries, with turkey.

Two-person portions
Apple-turkey ham sandwich
20 deca turkey milk, one tablespoon of flour, one small onion, two beautiful apples, one tablespoon of oil, two tablespoons of apple juice, one teaspoon of thyme, sour pepper, two large sprouts of brown bread, two tablespoons of brown bread
Turn the pieces of turkey in flour so that it does not pop apart in the oven. Wash the apple, cut it two, highlight the kernel, and cut the apple into half an inch thick slices. Fry the finely cleaned onion with a little oil and fry the pieces of liver in it. When done, lift it out of the pan and sift the apple slices. Keep it for a short time, then close it. Lubricate the bread slices with a thin layer of horseradish cream, put a leaf of lettuce on it, and then come the apple cubes.
Turkey breast sandwich
(with brown bread)
Energy: 553 kcal
White: 33 grams
Bench: 14 grams
Carbohydrate: 69 grams
The entrails are no less valuable than the meat, as the white of the turkey breast in our recipe reaches poultry meat. We can't even find foods with higher levels of folic acid in search, because after cooking, it still has enough to cover three quarters of a mother's daily requirement.
Fruity turkey curry
5 deca dried apricots, one big cat, sour apple, 30 deca turkey breast fillet, one teaspoon of curry, half cinnamon cinnamon, half cinnamon rum cumin, a larger head onion, two cloves of garlic,
Cut the dried fruit cut into small pieces with two deci boiling water and cut the apple into cubes. Stir the spices together with a little yogurt juice and turn the turkey cubes into it. Bring the oil to a boil, stir in the spicy meatballs. Stir the peaches together with the whisking water and mix with the onion and garlic, then pour the mixture into the meat pieces. Simmer for ten minutes under the lid, then strain the apple pieces and continue cooking for another five minutes.
Serve with steamed rice.
(Kéret nélkьl)
Energy: 403 kcal
White: 34 grams
Bench: 18 grams
Carbohydrate: 21 grams
Among fruits, apricots contain the most carotene, which is why our body promotes Vitamin A, which helps us to fight infections. Among our home-grown fruits, the apple contains the most vitamin B2. Also rich in pectin, this fiber has a beneficial effect on sugar metabolism and binds pathogens in the intestine.