How to keep our weight? Did you find the ideal diet?

How to keep our weight? Did you find the ideal diet?

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Eat meat, but less white bread and potatoes in your community - this is the advice of the great pre-holiday study.

According to the study, a diet rich in white but poor in carbohydrates can help maintain weight in those who are already dieting for good losing weight.
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playback Experienced weightlifters can: not lose weight, but to stop him from picking him up. Earlier research has shown that as long as you burn more calories than you take in, you can stay leaner in shape, regardless of what you eat. However, less research has looked into what sort of routine can be used to avoid the return of bulls. A European research group founded Contains a small amount of carbohydrate йtkek "ideбlisak the sъlyfцlцsleg visszatйrйsйnek megakadбlyozбsбra" - нrtбk the kutatуk published in the New England Journal of Medicine cнmы folyуiratban tanulmбnyukban.A kutatбsban eight eurуpai orszбgbуl 773 tъlsъlyos йs elhнzott felnхtt йs csalбdja йtkezйsйt vizsgбltбk.Elхszцr kйt hуnapos low zsнrtartalmъ diйta nyomбn the felnхtt observed бtlagosan 11 Subsequently, the participants were divided into two groups to select the ideal diet, and each group went through another diet. Thus, the diet varied the high and low content of white and carbohydrates. The fifth control was included: the participants were allowed to eat white and unrestricted color carbohydrates. Professionals have included not only adults but also family members of the child, who believe that if the family is on a weight loss diet, it will help them to lose weight.

We eat a lot of meat and light carbohydrates!

Everyone could eat as much of the food as they wanted, but they were also provided with recipes and cooking tips. Participants maintained a diary of food they consumed, and blood and urine were also examined.
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After half a year of dieting, members of the poor, high-carbohydrate dietary group in the White have gained significant weight gain - about 2 kilos. In contrast, the fehйrjйben rich szйnhidrбtban szegйny йtrendet kцvetхknйl nйmi tovбbbi sъlycsцkkenйs tendenciбja rajzolуdott ki.Ugyanakkor цsszessйgйben the vбrtnбl was greater lemorzsolуdбs what kutatуk were led back to a idх utбn nehйz the egйsz csalбd motivбciуjбt fenntartani.A kutatбsbуl also vilбgosan kiderьlt that it was easier to follow a lot of low-carbohydrate dietsThe vonzуbb was rйsztvevхknek, йltйk kevйsbй fogyуkъrakйnt it, much less had a йs lemorzsolуdбs finanszнrozott is.Az Eurуpai Bizottsбg egйszsйgьgyi office tanulmбny szerzхi posts by these people, however hнvtбk attention to the time rцvid kutatбs kцvette the kнsйrletben rйsztvevхket, йs the eredmйnyek megerхsнtйsйre Longer-term follow-up is required. A separate study on the results of 827 children enrolled in the study was published in the American Pediatrics Magazine.
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