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Lifetime Knowledge That Your Baby Can Only Get From YouIt's up to you whether the abus

Lifetime Knowledge That Your Baby Can Only Get From YouIt's up to you whether the abus

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Forget the fear-inducing, the nightmare of the sugary babe, instead try to have confidential, fluid communication, help and support for your child's body awareness.

A lifetime of knowledge that only a child can receive from you"Don't be strangers to strangers!" command is known to everyone, but it is important for children to understand the rule, and we cannot do this simply by selling them urban legends and rhymes. It is not at all clear that, as many statistics have shown, most cases of sexual harassment are not actually unknown, but most relatives, acquaintancesin fact, most lost children are escaped and not kidnapped. We parents need to take a much more comprehensive approach to potential dangers, with more information rather than fear-inducing and facilitates the observation of suspicious behaviors and the appropriate reactions to them. This allows children to quickly recognize dangerous situations and make informed decisions instead of being frightened and unpredictable. "Most importantly, parents should be aware of the truth 93% of cases of child sexual abuse are committed by people who are known to the child; a relative, a friend, a teacher or even a coach, "he explains Elizabeth Jeglic professor of psychology. "When we put unknown children as an evil, a source of danger, we paint a picture of them. It is more important that we teach them how to consent and that no one should allow it."

The methods of approaching the topic correctly

  • Emphasize the importance of correctly situating the situation before you act. For example, they shouldn't get into the car of strangers, even if they hit us, parents, some kind of emergency about us, etc. link.
  • Let us know that sinners look the same as any of us. One-third of the offenses against minors were committed by another minor, and in 10% of cases the offenders were female.
  • Clarify that it is not just the unknown that can be a danger, since 93% of child molestation cases are committed by adults who are known to children and often to the family.
  • Learn that consent is key. Children need to understand that they are in control of who they are and who cannot touch them and can escape from a situation in which they feel bad or in danger at any time.
  • Don't be afraid to talk about roul! The topic of sexual harassment is to be considered by many or even taboo. To protect them, the kids they must learn to say no, and be aware that you can contact us at any time regarding such matters. They should be able to account without fear if they experience something that falls into the category of inappropriate physical activity.
  • THE proper body awareness your support also plays an important role in its formation. So if your child has chosen not to give him a kiss or a protest against a tick, be sure to respect that. Do not force or scold you for saying that you do not respect the aunt who comes to your brotherhood, as you may be confused about how far control over your own body is.

"The best way to prepare is to teach the little ones how to trust them and what the right reaction is when they get in the way of an unpleasant situation. someone would try to approach you the way you don't want them, maybe someone would show him or her something that would make you feel uncomfortable. szerepjбtйk it gives children the opportunity to practice the recognition of hazards and the necessary steps to protect them in a safe environment. However, in our day-to-day, we can have countless little disputes with the little ones, who say no to the greens or bathing, brushing their teeth, but we have to remember that children should not forget that (no matter if it's a stranger from the street or your classmate's buddy) if someone wants to persuade them for something they don't want, the solution is always the same - get rid of the situation immediately, and telling your stories to a trusted person who can be a parent, a teacher or even a police officer. any incident kapcsбn "should Biztosнtanunk arrуl our children to rбnk always szбmнthatnak, we are there, segнtjьk, szeretjьk йs tбmogatjuk хket, tцrtйnjen bбrmi also Нgy felkйszьltebben reagбlhatnak bбrmilyen szituбciуban, йs szьksйg esetйn hezitбlбs nйlkьl will know hozzбnk segнtsйgйrt advice." -. tanбcsolja the professor of psychology.
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