No one should be guilty of having a cesarean section!

No one should be guilty of having a cesarean section!

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Unfortunately, there are still a lot of defenders for pregnant babies because they "chose the easier, lighter way" - regardless of whether they really chose the dressing or the fate.

Many mothers feel bad about having a cesarean section. Some have a very strong trauma that can only be processed over long years. Others have a sense of guilt or a sense of guilt. Kate Winslet Oscar-winning actresses, for example, felt so ill because of her emergency cupping that she had been lying for a long time. Different examinations that address the long-term (negative) health effects of cesarean section, however, only reinforce these poor sensations.Nobody should be guilty of the bastard! An American slasher, dr. Amy Tuteur however, it approaches the cesarean section request in another direction. Few years ago, Push Back: Guilt in the Age of Natural Parenting (Reflection: Awareness of the Natural Parenting), says every year more than a thousand thousands of mothers and babies get to grow wild. the rate of cervical incisions, for example, many cubby-headed babies could be born without complications. "Vaginal birth to the fetus is much more dangerous than cesarean delivery to the mother. When a woman agrees to a cesarean, she actually says I don't know if she is in great danger, If you survive, I'm ready to pay the price to make sure my baby is okay. "" Personally, I think baby cups should be extra proud of themselves"Dr. Tuteur says." They have to choose between their own safety and the safety of their newborn baby, and they are ready to risk their own health. What is the nature of motherhood if it is not? "(Via)You may also be interested in:
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