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Trinity: It is not easy to be three years old

Trinity: It is not easy to be three years old

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Cheeky, smart, stubborn, conscious, even though she is only three years old, not a teenager - it can surprise parents that even a little kindergarten can be as difficult as a teenager.

"At one moment, a sad little kid who is cuddling and kissing, but the other is disgusting and naughty, who wraps his tongue on me. Ilene S. Cohen, the mom of a real Trinitarian. "I always have to remind myself that my daughter is going through a serious development during this period, she is starting to find her voice and she is becoming more and more volatile. And my job is to help and support that." Let's see the essential abilities that these little ones are thrilled with these months!

Their feelings develop

Children are three years old begin to understand and live out their feelings, in fact, they can express how they feel about themselves. However, this does not mean that we can control them: if they think something is funny, we cannot stop laughing, but if they are saddened by something, it is almost impossible to comfort them. Their feelings are extremely intense and may even seem to be completely overwhelmed by them. And parents must accept this with patience. Children go through many changes around the age of three

Let's learn patience

A child of such size is not able to control himself: if they want something, they will do their best to get it, without thinking about the consequences. Of course, this can be the source of many conflicts, because we should continue what they started if we were born to them or if we knew they were wrong. It may take longer to learn, to understand the reward (or benefits) you really need.

Learn how to resolve conflicts

A small child is still learning how to deal with conflict and is trying to solve it with his or her own methods - even if they are not at all appropriate. An adult (or older child) knows that biting or attacking another, for example, is not the best method, but for a three-year-old, this may seem to be the best solution. We need to teach children that there are appropriate and unacceptable ways to express our senses or resolve our conflicts.

They become more empathetic

True empathy also begins to appear around the third lifetime: the little ones are able to go through the pain of others (or just live with them) and feel bad when they think they are wrong.

They learn to play with others

Most kids play with each other for a long time, but learning to play commons in high schoolthat is, to work together and make rules together. And this is a very important marble!

Humorists are evolving

The humor of an educator may not be very sophisticated (often limited to poke-pee jokes), but this is what the kids find very entertaining. However, if we see that they can make us laugh, or that we can make them laugh, then our sense of humor develops (via) You may also be interested in:
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