Candy can also cause hyperactivity due to too many colors

Candy can also cause hyperactivity due to too many colors

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It is unlabeled in colors that are more than allowed in a sugar that can cause allergies and hyperactivity.

Excessively high levels of quinoline yellow (E104) and unlabeled tartrazine (E102) have been detected by Slovak authorities in children with language-coloring sugars. Polish products also came to Hungary.Irregularities were found in sugar for children For quinoline (E104) and tartrazine (E102) colorants, it should be noted that ъn. Azo- or Southampton dyes are listed among orange S (E110), azorubin (E122), alluravic (E129), and neocinic (E124). These colors can be safely consumed in small amounts, but some studies suggest that higher intakes in children can cause hyperactivity and allergic reactions. It is therefore imperative that the European Union place a mandatory warning label ("may affect the activity and alertness of children") on any food that contains one of the six colors.Product details:
  • Name of product: Kiss me - coloring soluble candies
  • Phone number: AKD
  • Best before date: 30/03/2020
  • Packaging: 100 g
  • RASFF Reference Number 2019.1754
The National Food Chain Safety Authority (NIBI) reported the case through the RASFF system.