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This is the real cause of the fatigue of parents

This is the real cause of the fatigue of parents

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Seedling is not always the right thing to do when the baby is tired and sleepless. But then what?

This Is The Real Reason For Parent Fatigue (Fotу: iStock) Jessica Grose, author of The New York Times, has reportedly recently visited a business in Chicago, and slept by 12, on or around did not set the wake-up call and woke up only at 9:30. The sleep deprivation she had felt was surprising for her, as she thought she had been able to rest quite well lately. His children did not open the bedroom at 3 am for all reasons, and most of the night he slept 7-8 hours. And even when your organization got the chance to go out of sleep, it died. That's why he's started to search for what the fatigue may be in the background. According to the author, it was just so surprising that the American Labor Office surveyed people's time management that parents with small children sleep an average of according to Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Melbourne, parents are constantly under pressure and feel that they do not have enough time to do many of the things that need to be done. Because of the time pressure, despite the fact that parents are practically asleep at night, they still feel exhausted. "The child brings a feeling to parents that they are in a constant state of time, and that they may be suffering from chronic stress that negatively affects their health," he said. According to Christine Won, Medical Director, Yale Sleep Center another reason parents may feel tired after 8 hours of sleep if their sleeping schedule slides back and forth, because they do not get such good quality sleep and refresh. It is bad news for those who want to have their sleep deprived during the winter, that it is worthwhile to wake up at wake up time, and if the child wakes up early on a weekday, then it is like winter time. If early awakening is difficult, the practitioner recommends 30-60 minutes of vigorous light therapy, so as soon as you open your eyes, turn on the lamp or let in natural light to help you wake up. According to Dr. Won if you need caffeine to get to yourself, no problem, but we prefer to walk in the morning and drink up to 1-2 chicels a day.For parents whose children wake up at night and therefore fall asleep, Dr. Won recommends taking one to twenty minutes a day, maximum, and at least 6 hours prior to bedtime. In addition, parents are becoming more exhausted now that not only the amount but also the quality of leisure time is reduced. It takes more time to work, less time to recharge. Instead, they want to spend their free time with their parents, instead of turning off, for example, a book or movie, doing an extra wash, writing a checklist, and taking their kids' school papers. And that also means a great mental workout in the free time (VIA).Related links: