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Esther's Diary - Week 39

Esther's Diary - Week 39

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Esther is full of energy at week 39 and in her bloodshed just covering, just covering…

Photograph: Rabbert Lбszlу of Bacssi

Not many weeks back from our lives. It could be like the opening sentence of a movie drama, but of course not because, though true, the genre could be more of a fun documentary. No sign that I'm going to give birth anytime soon, except for my spherical abdomen, the kid in it, and the immaculately clean apartment. I used to eat it, but what's right now is more than normal, you could eat it off the floor! I don't know who it is, but in my case, this cleaning benefit doesn't work because I have to do something in my nervousness, but because I know well (every woman has called my attention) that if I come home with the baby, I won't have time. You know that? So I wash like a raccoon so that every diaper, lingerie and blanket crunches to keep the baby, the handles uninfected, and the bathroom to shine. In the meantime, I have always admitted that in the midst of purification, we are purified, either mentally or spiritually. Really, now, everything is ready, the apartment, the child, my cushion, my soul, my body. I feel stronger than at any time in the past eight months! I eat them, and only in a really good sense, no extra calories, just nutrition, lots of fruit. Of course, everyone inquires about a thousand, so I know that the end is very close. We asked Babik (the baby) what to do if the baby water was gone. Then you do not have to enter because the child doesn't come on, but for a minute it is worthwhile to sit on the side of the field to arrange the children's cord and then pack and start. Gas is when I start bleeding seriously, without thinking and with a thousand directions the hospital. If the cubs are just starting out, you have to measure the time they arrive and how long each period lasts, depending on whether Babi will leave or not. Because there are youpuffs as well, now for a woman who has never been born, one of the biggest questions is how do you know which is the right booze. To this, the more experienced kaay grin always says, "Esthetic, believe me, if you're the normal bitch, you'll know ..." Uh, Mom, this is when the force goes out of the foot because it shakes a little hard for myself. beautiful, heartwarming, Jehovah's Teacher-Catholic figure as I am born in glory and in the polar light, with Gaya with a welcoming face beside me and holding my hand. And of course it won't be obvious, but before the "challenge day" it helps if I think so. Well, watch out for jerks. In all of these, I drink literally my literal heartbeat, which is supposed to help with the exhaustion. At week 36, I take one of my dear friends' recommended homeopathic berries, and because I have " It is certainly worth massaging the barrier with some oil at home, as it can prevent any subsequent incision. The good old cut, my teenage years have been my mummy, I know what I think of a sixteen year old, but I was very confident at the time that I would be a mother once, but this one would never be happy. As it is now. But of course, like bunches, there is an opinion of women who are more routine: "Esthetic, believe me, if you hold on to the barrage, you will not feel it, or you will beg for it!" Hыha, the story is getting better. My nephok also gently suggested the congregation because sperm contains substances that can cause concussions and initiate labor. Well, it didn't work for us, I used to say that after a happy time together I had a fucked up night because they were good little men, waistlines, and belly beats. I was a bit ticked because I was very sleepless and frustrated in the morning, and I was afraid that if the birth started now, the Duracell life so far had been in vain. But nothing happened. Wait, wait for more.