You should drink at least as much drinking water

You should drink at least as much drinking water

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It is impossible to say in advance how much liquid consumption should not be neglected. The first symptoms appear with as little as 2 percent fluid loss. In addition, the amount and fluid intake of children is more important than that of adults.

  • in different quantities, but each of our organs contains water: our brains and our hearts are ca. 78%, 86% of our blood and 22% of our bones are water
  • the bigger weights we need the more fluids we have, so we have to pay more attention to water flushing and obesity
  • 20 to 30 percent of the elderly are dehydrated, and discharge increases six-fold the risk of fishing
  • On average, we drink about 40,000 liters of fluid throughout our lives
  • those who consume more drinks and food each day get more fluids with the required amount of liquid
The above charter was included in the National Diet of the Hungarian Dietitians. It also reveals that healthy lifestyles and, at the same time, healthy eating are becoming increasingly important in our daily lives. You should drink at least as much drinking water Among the recommendations of the WHOLESALE you can find the right quantity and quality of liquid consumption, according to which drinking water is best suited for thirst. Fruit and vegetable juices, sugary teas, milk drinks, shakes, milk drinks (eg cocoa, milk) are recommended for coloring the liquid intake, occasionally in small quantities. You are advised to drink 8 glasses of liquid daily, including 5 glasses of drinking water (1 cup = 2-2.5 dl).Proper fluid supply is an important part of maintaining health, as every cell contributes to the regeneration and normal functioning of all our organs. It plays an important role in the regulation of blood pressure, in the selection and elimination of waste products, and its importance in the regulation of body temperature. Since water is essential for the optimum functioning of all organs of the body, mild to small amounts of swelling also contribute to the development of several diseases, such as renal insufficiency, cancerous disease, and cancer. However, good fluency also has a positive effect on not only physical health, but also on brain function, mood, and mental capacity (eg concentration and learning ability). the first symptoms appear, headache, decreased ability to concentrate, thirst.The regular and regular intake of fluids in children is more important than in adults; kidneys are still developing; or they tend to get so immersed in the games that they simply forget to drink. According to a representative study of Budapest and Kecskemét, a quarter of children between the ages of 7 and 10 do not have a recommended level of water intake - the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). If we look at overweight children in this age group, they will not consume excess water from the higher body weights, thus being more exposed to the risk of dehydration.

What can we do to prevent childhood fluid deficiency?-

  • We encourage children to drink before they play and regularly remind them to drink.
  • Keep fluids that the child is happy to accept.
  • In addition to water, milky milk drinks and green fruit juices also contribute to meeting your children's fluid needs.
  • In addition to drinks, the water content of many foods was also included in the fluid intake. They have a high water content among others, such as vegetables and fruits, soups, sauces, puddings, ice creams, ice creams, but keep in mind the energy content of these products.

  • Make sure you drink enough!
  • Hydration, depletion - fluid consumption in childhood
  • To drink, but what and how much?


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