Traveling with or without children?

Traveling with or without children?

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It is not easy to decide whether to travel with or without children.

Slowly the airplane opens. Houses are dots, and fluids are ducts. All in all, I look forward to leaving the sadness to myself. Disappear, think about it for the rest, since before this wonderful three days, new conditions, rest, shutdown.

We want you to travel alone. But there was always something coming up, two and a half years ago, and now we've moved on to a vacation with no kids. Now, however, there was an opportunity suddenly, and we both felt like it was time for us.
I thought we'd easily miss the obstacles. I have a great routine, but only a third child, we have spent one or two goodbyes, absences, grandmothers' weekends. Of course, from a distance, events are beautiful, but I remember how hard it was for me to let go of my girls first, and they were shouting as we stepped out the door. To be more precise, my older child always became ill until the age of one, when we went somewhere, and sometimes I went out of the office straight to Mezkkereszt because the fever had leaked. Luckily it fell down as soon as I arrived.
I sincerely hoped it would be lighter now. Although I was not able to do anything with "letting friends know" ("what are you worried about, anyway!"), But some more serious conversations made the separation acceptable. For example, Kriszta allowed me to be sad for ten minutes every day, but then I return to the bedroom and enjoy my freedom with my husband. Because believe me, it will be good. And I thought I knew it would be good, but it did. I made my way to the airport.
It was a wonderful three days. We were impolite, tasted all kinds of delicacies, and enjoyed the sun. And I didn't have to hang out at the playgrounds, dine cold spaghetti, "oh but I'm tired!" to listen to cries.
THE mixed sensations but they stayed with me until the end. Sometimes they missed me tremendously and my thoughts were constantly on my way home. In the next moment, I apologized for it I'll be a little alone at last, and I can afford adult things like visiting a museum or shopping. But I can admit that I have been around the last day. I counted down the minutes, um, and most of all I would have come from the airport to get home.
At home, everything soon fell back into the old wheel. We live everyday with huge battle noise, I make spaghetti and stuff on the playground. Many times I remember those three days. I feel the lingering in my mind, and again, the slow minutes, the rest. And I'll take it back a little bit.