10 scary situations with the baby

10 scary situations with the baby

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I was not the baby girl who thought she would one day be a mother. I didn't practice motherhood on my baby. As far as I know, I've never had a baby. I had a Barbie, but not very interested in moving.

10 scary situations with the babySo when I became a mother I started a new period. Awesome and challenging days were ahead. Despite having obviously missed my natural mother-in-law, all of my competencies were probably March. But this period has also shown me how many challenges and fears I have to deal with. These are some of the moments I can remember:

1. The First Damage

I only killed the gum once, crying, bleeding, and finally crying. Then I said, this will be a dad's job.

2. The first visit

When the baby is in the door and watches that everything is okay with the baby, you are doing everything right. You want to be a super mother with an incompetent kid.

3. The first line

I always remember the first real flush out of my throat. There was a cold winter evening in the car, sounding like a car alarm. "What is this? Oh my God, dying, baby something ... What should I do? You should do something fast!"

4. The first bath at home

The babies are slippery and fragile. Try to soap… I think I said enough.

5. Using the first rhinoceros powder

Are you sure you don't braise your brain through the tiny nostril ?!

6. The first move

How to dress a baby in tight clothes so that his arm does not deviate? Uh, how much easier it was with Barbie.

7. Drive and pay attention to the child

How is it possible to watch the transition at the same time and watch the child from the rear view? And when that little blackmailed voice begins to come out ...

8. Make the first round with a breastfeeding baby

When you are in the supermarket cashier with a full shopping cart and your baby starts to indicate that you want to breastfeed. What are you doing in this situation, where are you going? How to breastfeed in public

9. Place the baby in the carrier

This is definitely a two-person job at least the first two dozen times.

10. Laying in your bends

Imagine going to a pediatrician for a status exam and feeling a bad smell once in a while, but you can't identify where you're coming from. Then you find the source: this baby smells like a baby's neck folds. God, I'll take the kid away from me (via)
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