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Holistic Immunization Boosted With Salad Recipe

Holistic Immunization Boosted With Salad Recipe

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Don't get lost, don't kid your child! Croats are everywhere. It's much better if you fight the immune system by boosting them.

During the flu season

Once a week: a tube of Oscillococcinum
Why can? Prepares your organization for viruses.
Lubricant blends from essential oils to breast to back foot before school. Mix the following with 10 ml of organic sunflower oil:
- Ravintsara / Cinnamomum Caphora ct cineol 3 ml
- Teafa / Melaleuca Alternifolia 3 ml
- Eucalyptus Radiata 3 ml
Also, make sure that the air in the rooms does not dry out at night!

Immunturbу Recipes

Adding the following salads to our diet every week will save us a great deal of health, happiness, and beauty!


1/2 kilo sauerkraut (rinsed if very sour), slightly overcooked
a small spoon of red pepper
a pinch of cumin
sou, pepper according to nzlés
a small head of purple onion cut into pieces
three cloves of garlic squeezed or grated
Tip: three tablespoons of vegetable oil (flax, sunflower, olive, wheat mixer would be best)
a tablespoon of mustard
a tablespoon of honey
The above attitudes are nicely mixed.

Raw teaspoon

two larger rings loose (rubber gloves !!)
grated or diced on a large apple
grated on two-three medium rape level
Garnish: half lemon juice, but orange is also very good for you
sou, pepper, rum cumin, coriander seed, blackcurrant
a small spoonful of grated fresh gum, a clove of garlic grated
three to four tablespoons of organic vegetable oil (seed, flax, sunflower, olva)
On top, you can add pieces or feta cheese.
Sometimes, if possible, a family infrared sauna is also a very good immune boost!
It is important to have the right amount of water, because what would we do to wash our body? Cold walking or games enhance the production of happiness hormones and also have a good effect on the thyroid gland, one of the conductors of our internal partitioning system.