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From March you can count on a monthly medication

From March you can count on a monthly medication

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From March, your doctor may prescribe medication for up to 30 days.

As of March, your doctor may prescribe enough medicine for up to 30 days on a single occasion, but like before, your doctor will still have the same amount of medication you have to take each month. As explained in the Bulletin, past experience has shown that there is a significant accumulation of drug stocks, often overdue in the population. This is often due to the fact that, due to the change of the disease or the occurrence of side effects, the doctor may switch the patient to another medicine or potency at times. In these cases, both the patient and the insured have paid for the drug, which will not be used, but will be thrown away, which is in the order of several billion forints per year. Thus, "regulatory changes to prescribing and prescribing are aimed at reducing patients' medication costs," the state secretariat said. To this end, prescribing new medications, which may increase the risk of switching, may result in a maximum of one month's prescription and medication selection.

Timed drug selection

As of March 1, you should also note (which must be provided by physicians' registry software) the date from which this recipe applies to each month. The patient can then remove the drug in the pharmacy one week prior to the given benefit period. This is to ensure that the patient needs to be replaced at three months and that there will be no duplication of care in the patient's home or, as the patient has repeatedly, more often than not. So your doctor can prescribe 3 months of medication, but you can do it with 3 different prescriptions that will be available every month in your pharmacy.