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My mother told me she was awful

My mother told me she was awful

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Birth can be beautiful

At the time of my first pregnancy, when I was expecting my great-granddaughter, I was not particularly concerned with the birthing process. I didn't want to think about what was going to happen to me. I was told he was awful and my friends' tales of inspiration didn't inspire me either. When it came to sickness, I just waved it - one day in my life, I'm gonna get it. A thousand years is the work of women, and I will do well. So when it came to cesarean section, I was regularly shocked, which was difficult to cope with, because there were only women born naturally in my environment. That's how I felt, and I failed, and the reason I wasn't prepared properly. When I was pregnant for the second time, there was only one thing that mattered: how can I avoid having to go back to work. I was not interested in the pool, the candlelight, the mystical music, the drumming drums - just not having to wait. The plan succeeded. But there was always something left in me. Everything was somehow sterile and distant. I did what they were told to do, but for a second I didn't feel that I was an active part of the miracle.

I want to!

On the third of these I was looking for a new hospital, and instead of a doctor I chose a nurse. With two births behind my back, I knew very well that parenting was not just a couple of rounds. This is a condition that manifests as a whole woman, an important cause of how one survives. Every sentence, bad or good, that is spoken during this time, will echo through generations. And yes, it is possible to prepare for it - even though part of it is accepting, we will not be able to control the events. The most important spiritual preparation for me was that what I'm afraid of, what I've been up to. It helped to dissolve the stomachs inside me. My biggest fear was that it would last very long - probably because my mother used to say and always say this when she was 24. It was a little reassuring that each parent was shorter than the previous one, but also that now I have really prepared my body for childbirth.

Herbarium is ready

I bought mбlnalevйlteбt, and the bar's terrible taste, after week 36, every night I put a dick in it. It relaxes the bee and the gut muscles. In addition, in the evening I tried to prepare my tissues for hyperexcitability with a pharmaceutical massage oil available in the pharmacy. To do this I take homeopathy every day indiбngyцkeret (Caulophyllum), also called homeopathic oxytocin, because it eases swelling and softens the lips.And when I went to the hospital, I took a dose kцkцrcsint (Pulsatilla), which makes the cauliflower more effective and accelerates the birth, and of course mountain barn (Arnica Montana), which reduces pain, soothes bleeding, and accelerates regeneration. I had to pay attention to nothing but myself. All the same, he was responsible. I got into a completely different dimension, where there was a pool, a waist massage, a ribbed wall, a ball and of course berries. But I don't know what they are. I remember clearly that I received a homeopathic remedy that almost completely hurt my pain, even though the contractions continued. Afterwards, I asked the baby what was the miracle cure she had given, but she didn't know. He said he looked at me then and knew it would be useful. He was unable to remember his name. And we both laughed at it, because it meant that he was sucked in by the mystery of his birth, and he and I became involved in that other dimension. And it was great to experience it, even if it came only a third time.