6 Tips for Sleeping in South Jutland

6 Tips for Sleeping in South Jutland

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Every routine parent knows that the better he / she sleeps in the little sun, the more relaxing his / her sleep will be.

6 Tips for Sleeping in South Jutland

Of course, everyone will try the opposite: let the kid spin it all day long, fry it, drive it, chase it, and then put it in the bed, and sleep morning. Then he is surprised to find that the potatoes are hysterical after a night, the anesthesia starts again, and this is repeated at least ten times during the night. For the little ones in the sun there is a need for restso that we can process the millions of stimuli that hit them.

1. Quickly get to bed!

Put it down to the first sign of fatigue: if you start to roll your eyes, if your head falls or you see that you can't concentrate. Note that babies are changing from day to day, and never spend the day resting in the sun.

2. Let there be ceremonies!

Every little one needs this. Don't let your baby carrier slip into sleep, but you should always sleep on your own bed if you can. Of course, the need to break a few laws - especially true during the holidays - but it is worth creating a sense of order at home.

3. Stop in!

Just think about your own needs! Kцnnyebb sцtйtben, falling asleep in a soft bed, like in high noise in the sun. The babies also fall asleep more easily in the rest room.

4. Sleep calmly!

Breastfeeding, persuasion, caress is the best anesthetic. You don't have to fall asleep on a child in a military orderly wall, let yourself be alone as well szunyуkбlhattok.

5. Watch the time!

Don't let it go to sleep for too long, because then the evenings will last long. Bar is not easy a to awaken children from day-to-day sleep, but it's worth it: so you can watch the evening movie with your couple.

6. Replace the pelvis!

For small babies it is especially important to be on time change their diapersto prevent the clothes and bedding from getting wet during sleep. The bigger the child, the less pee in rest.
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