Menstruation during pregnancy?

Menstruation during pregnancy?

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The baby's baby may be bleeding. I lose it at exactly the same time as my monthly cycle. But this does not mean normal menstruation, as there may be several causes of bleeding.

Menstruation during pregnancy?

Ivett it was the fifth month since the doctor found her pregnant. The couple were not planning the baby, they were in the usual way and her menstrual period is exactly the same. "I didn't even realize I was pregnant, because as before, my menstruation came exactly. Now in the next few months I had blood again. and then I went to see my cuneiform. I had never heard of anyone before that had a menstrual-like symptom during pregnancy. " her monthly menstruation, and her belly just as exhausted as every month, so she can't be pregnant. Then it turns out that despite this, baby dolls. The bleeding had another reason, he says Dr. Nyirбdy Tamбs you are an adjunct professor of childbirth.

Why bleeding?

"Menstruation" during pregnancy is not equal to menstruation before pregnancy. What makes the bleeding happen is more can be explained. "There is one case in which a pregnant woman comes to bleeding at the usual time, just as her menstruation tends to occur. in the first few months, it almost always occurs at the same time, and even with previous menstrual cramps, the stomach is also flabby.The body says remember it, when menstruation starts and produces similar symptoms in the body. This results in weaker bleeding than normal and lasts only one or two days. Hormonal causes Blood may also occur, but this is more common in the first third. We may also talk about vaginal bleeding after exertion, or after examination, or possibly due to medication, "the specialist said.

Blood is not always bad

In many cases, bleeding during pregnancy cause for concern, but fortunately it doesn't always mean bad. There are two types of bleeding during your pregnancy. One, when it arrives in such a large quantity that almost blood is flowing, in the other case, mild, stamped brownish voices can be seen. Anything between these two conditions can happen. "At first, it is naturally worthwhile to go to bed right away; It's worth noting at a "normal" time. There are some mothers who challenge whole pregnancies by bleeding multiple times, but fortunately the embryo or fetus is there and healthy, "says Dr. Tamir Nyirbdy.

Must be taken seriously

The bleeding must be taken seriously, regardless of what made it. The first 12 weeks are dangerous because they may be the first sign of a miscarriage. "The elsх trimester kцrьlbelьl every six terhessйg vйgzхdik vetйlйssel. The vetйlйsen kнvьl indicate egyйbkйnt kнvьli terhessйgre, йs mйhszбjelvбltozбsra fertхzйsre also mйhen. The vetйlйs йs erхsebb abdominal gцrcsцkkel vйrzйssel jбr than menstruбciу. If inkбbb vнzszerы, sцtйtebb the vйr, йs йles szъrу abdominal You may feel the risk of becoming pregnant in the near future.You may not need to pay attention to blood loss after 12 weeks, but it may not be too low. no need to be frightened, because your baby will be viable at this time, and it will be possible to finish her pregnancy. to do what could have caused it, "the expert suggests.
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