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As You Are Born And Born - A documentary about birth

As You Are Born And Born - A documentary about birth

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What is the Childbirth Center for Childbirth? How Do Interventions Between Parenting Influence the Child and the Mother? You will find out in the section on Microscience. dokumentumfilmbхl.

As you have to give birth and give birth

The documentary will be screened at several venues in the spring of 2016 at the Organizing Association of the Hungarian Dukes. The film's eligibility is unquestionable now that several hundred people have been out on the street for just a week with a change in the national birth control. How does birth affect one's entire life? Among other things, the Microfilms Film, which has been awarded the Grand Prix at the Life Sciences Film Festival, answers these questions.
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The film draws attention to the importance of the conditions of childbirth. Specially now, the movie is about, as Hungarian mothers, dads, women, and children have taken to the streets to make changes in the way they choose to the fundamental rights of children and the long-term effects of their birth and birth conditions.
According to MODULE, the reduction of childbirth interventions is the basis of the health maintenance of the adult generations, which is called into consideration in the program of the Leprosy project. As in other developed countries, the number of cesarean sections is constantly increasing in Hungary. Mgg in the XX. In the middle of the 20th century the ratio of surgical births was 3 to 5 percent, in 1985 it increased to 10 percent, and in 2015 to 40 percent.
According to WHO recommendations of 1985 everyone should be informed about the possibilities of childbirth, and every woman should be able to participate in the birthing care of her choice. The rate of different interventions should be kept low, only at the level strictly necessary. It is necessary to ensure the psychological comfort of the mother, to facilitate the postpartum birth, the placement with the new mother, as well as the presence of the present.
According to recent international research, truly justified surgeries account for only 15 to 19 percent of all births.
THE dla, meaning childbirth and maternity help szolgбlatot Dr. Marshall Klaus pediatrician and professor of neonatology introduced it to the United States in the 1980s. He carried out more than two thousand observers with two groups. Both groups received conventional birth control following uncomplicated pregnancy. The only difference was that in one of the groups Dla was present. The result is that the duration of labor is reduced by 25%, the number of cavities is reduced by half, and the amount of oxytocin is reduced, and the amount of tooth decay is significantly reduced. All this shows that the more personalized attention and care a woman receives during pregnancy, childbirth, and the very delicate period of childbirth, the more naturally and reliably the child will develop,
According to a 2010 Health Insurance Survey survey, barely a quarter of the births examined allowed more than one person to be present if the parent needed it. The list of births that allow two affiliates is even smaller, 3 in Budapest, and around 7 in the county.
The Microscope c. The documentary will be screened on Tuesday, April 12 at 1:30 pm in MagNet Hzz (1062 Bp. Andrбssy 9t 98).
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