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Mom is the best manpower

Mom is the best manpower

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The baby was born and a new chapter was opened in your life. Instead of leaving him with a clean sheet for the new challenges, take a quick walk from the office with you! The skills you need to straighten your career will come to the gate next to the little one.

Has your career just begun, just climbing up the ranks when the sting knocked on? Before immersing yourself in the world of baby books and counting what you have learned in the office into the back corners of your brain, try to take advantage of the business life you live in. That way, you can fly two flies - you don't fall out of rhythm and the waves crashing over your head do not fall over your head!


What have you used so far? You were the negotiator star, you twisted prospective clients around your finger and made great deals for the company.
Use it now! With little fire, good negotiation is required at almost any workplace, and compromises can be used at home in a delicate situation. Like your couple and your mother, sit down and find a common denominator next to a stone. That way, you can start the big family debate and you don't have to stifle your problems.

Mom is the best manpower


What have you used so far? Rushing from a successful negotiation to a business lunch, deadlines on the table, dinner on the table - somehow you always managed to send 25 hours a day, even though there were no blank lines in your calendar.
Use it now! Regularity plays an important role in the life of both of you, the tiny number is essential, and you will easily get out of bed if you know when you wake up, much of what you can count on that day. Of course, don't believe it will work as planned! Usually, little babies who take time out minute by minute before their tiny arrival, will be troubled by little things, because they can be ruled out by any unexpected thing. Forget the rigorous agenda, and besides the planner, make friends with the idea of ​​being unpredictable! You're raising a kid, not a robot.


What have you used so far? For simple information, whether it is a workplace meeting, a business dinner, or just a long-term conference call.
Use it now! It is much easier to control your feelings in the workplace than at home, although it is important to be able to speak with confidence, without being aware of what is pushing your soul. Do you feel your priest does not take part in your child's tasks? Tell her at the dinner or dinner that you are feeling too much pressure on her, because if you do not give birth you may be distracted by how fat you are. Give him a chat at the end of the conversation, because you need to know not only to talk, to listen!


What have you used so far? The urgent, urgent tasks to be solved by your boss at the last minute because he knew you were always on hand and you didn't know the impossible.
Use it now! The little one is crying bitterly, and do you feel beside the baby, and are you most comfortable with it? Don't let your senses become overwhelmed with your sanity! If you are exhausted, you will be much easier to panic, even though you don't need to, just take a big breath and think about what's wrong - you see, it's not that hopeless! And if you feel that way, the situation is overwhelming, remember never to ask for help.


What have you used so far? Your colleague was in perfect harmony when you had to, get each other out of trouble and divide up your tasks so everyone could get the most from their knowledge.
Use it now! When you are part of a team, you share responsibility not only for the job. Translated into the language of parenthood, this means you can "take advantage" of each other's strengths. Do you like to bring something delicious in the kitchen, and do you love long walks? The perfect solution is ready! By the time you get home with a little fresh air, you will have a delicious dinner on the table - so everyone can take their share of parenting without having to endure the burdensome tasks of your mind.