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Pregnant women also joined the Insta challenge

Pregnant women also joined the Insta challenge

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The first Hungarian hospital to join the Bethesda Children's Hospital also joined the #tetrischallenge challenge launched on Instagram.

Pregnant women also join Insta challenge (photo: iStock)Representatives of the various professions in the game place the supplies they need for their positions in an organized fashion, then lay down on the ground themselves and shoot the results from a bird's eye view. Over the past few days, we've come to know a number of professions: firefighters, soldiers, scouts, and even priests introduced them as they work every day. The staff at Bethesda Hospital have always been open to newcomers, so there was a doctor and chief who immediately took part in the game. " we have a cupped baby in our photo: her mother saw the challenge on the internet and she was surprised at first to see such a baby may have invested in the doctor's greetings and crowns "- Nuna Bese introduces her to the challenge. with one idea, one game at a time We can bring together the patient and the cure.In Bethesda, 150,000 children are born every year throughout the country. The hospital puts a strong emphasis on reaching families beyond the reach of different communication, online interfaces, thereby also helping to improve the quality of health care in children. Bethesda Releases, shoots movies, runs shows, and is active on Facebook, Instan - inspiring confidence in parents, which is a necessity in today's health.