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Top 10 healthiest

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Let's live well with what's most healthy, so there's "no room" for a few healthier delicacies. Our list can help with your listing!

Broccoli is also very egйszsйges

1. Vнz - the main tбplбlйkunk. Good quality water or soft fruit tea. 60% of adult males, 50% of females and 70% of infant bodies are water! Minimum fluid intake is calculated by multiplying our body weight as follows: baby - 110 ml / kg, children under 10 years 40 ml / kg and adults 22-38 ml / kg2. Kenyйr - energy йs vitamin B forrбs. Full kiхrlйsы lisztbхl Made with as few additives as possible!
3. Broccoli - megуv the rбktуl. It is an important source of magnesium, potassium, and calcium (also good for milk).
4. Apples - one daywe left a lot to do health! Vitamin C йs vasforrбs. Its plant substances prevent heart disease.
5. Potato - the starch, white and potassium content can be best used in the shell cooked version, roasted in oil is a little less valuable.
6. Milk - Calcium, Vitamin B, Judo and Protein useful for bones And in the course of blood training, but the little one often developed allergies.
7. Borsу - useful sources of vitamin B, iron, potassium, magnesium and white.
8. Fish - its protein and jute content, and its omega-3 fatty acids are very valuable.
9. Marhahъs - The protein and iron content of the body is better utilized by the body than the plant originals. Zinc content erхsнti the immune system.
10. colza oil: Contains Omega-3, Vitamin A, K, Vitamin E. It helps lower cholesterol and help control blood sugar. Unfortunately, it is now a type of neglected oil, although it is less sensitive to heat than olive oil, for example.
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