The little dictator doesn't feel good in his skin

The little dictator doesn't feel good in his skin

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I'm unable to go with it! I can't lay it down! It's cool if he doesn't like something. You scream, slamming the door. And still just high school. What's the matter?

Don't raise a bully for your child!

The exhausted stomach of a stomach is squeezed in the morning, because you know that you have to fight again every day, which must go by itself. But the child does not want, in fact, wants to love. If you think about it well, you can say: the child controls the family life, х wears a hat. However, the parent listened to his small needs from the beginning. She wanted to educate her very well, and after that she would give her everything she could. He doesn't understand what could have happened.

Don't smile when you're sick!

- I have been contacted countless times with this problem, but I am still worried in the aisle, in the hallway, in the changing rooms many families were overthrown - says Balogh Anna уvodapszicholуgus. Although there are many reasons for this to happen, often the process starts as early as infancy. At first, of course, it is natural to fully serve the newborn. But as the weeks go by, it is normal for you to slowly become accustomed to not being the center of the world.It is not uncommon for a mother to go to bed for lunch, and even have a sense of humor if she goes to the shower because to leave the baby alone. It is as if your patches of protection don't work. I am not saying that the baby should be accustomed to frustration directly, should not be skeptical, should not be accustomed to a strict agenda, but of course adуdу we do not need to be protected everywhere. Many times the same root is the behavior of biting, hips, kicking, hairy toddlers. Excessive babies are also unknowingly causing some pain to the mother. She clings to her hair, grasps her face, bites. It is important that the adult responds this time, this is a little guide for the little one. If the mother acts as if nothing is happening or is laughing or overreacting, the little one learns to be free to do such things, or even to have fun. On the other hand, if the mother stops being serious, the little one learns not to do this. Many mothers dare not do it because they do not want to punish their child. This is not a punishment, but a consequence of the behavior of the baby. We show him that the situation in which we would like to smile further is gone. I totally agree with those who despise the criminal. But if we also deprive a child of the opportunity to learn the consequences of his actions, then we put ourselves in a very difficult position and five.


Healthy adolescents hate ties, formality, hierarchy. You rebel against the order, this is your business. But if this approach does not change much by the time your children are born, they can be trapped. The kid needs to be a parent, not a buddy or a friend. There is a need to steer, constrain, make decisions in its place, failing to provoke it. "It's not uncommon for a parent to say just that: I don't want to raise my child the way my mother and father raised me," says the psychologist. - I don't stack it, I don't yell at it, I didn't force it. You know this: I'm not yelling, not yelling. But what to do instead, he has no idea. It is impossible to keep order with a nice determination. Perhaps the same reason why many parents still have a natural physical limitation I often see in the ovis dresser that a child runs around in a potty, and the mother beats for long minutes with harps and mouths. It is best to get a toddler, but also a three-year-old to get up and move. He also needs physical limitations, easy to control. There are some parents who have not set their limits because they are afraid that the child will not obey him, and this is awkward. And then it gets hiccups, and it's even nicer. I didn't travel on the bus, where a two-boy boy kicked a woman's leg against him. It was impossible not to notice the thing, but the mother consistently looked at her, sometimes justifying her baby's feet, but generally did not make her realize that what she was doing was unacceptable. Although they may work at home, the mother can withstand the potential for failure. But it may not. But then life can be very difficult.

He loses his head

Many parents find it difficult to determine what is to be restricted, what is better to let go. Many people do not allow their children to hang around, mourn, or smudge, but they do not limit their survival, their recess, nor their bedtime. There's a complete disagreement: if parents have a thing to do, order the children to sleep, if they can, they can stay in bed. In this situation, the child does not hold on to the command, and even when he is commanded, he will not go to bed and meditate quietly. The parent only sees that he is constantly in trouble. Often nor is it clear whose interest is obedience. If we do not like to talk about ovis in the evening, do not pretend that he is big enough to fall asleep alone, he simply observes that it is not true. If we separate this, we can authentically convey to the child what we want.- In the parents' mind, things have to be decided - explains Anna Balogh. - If the order is there, it will be easier for the kid. I usually ask them to grab a paper and write down what are the things that should be banned, which are the ones that are not at all because they have no value. Which ones can be compromised, and what are the situations that are better solved so that the scandal does not work out. For example, I don't go shopping with a child who is hanging out in the store for a few months. If we re-frame these frames, we can stick to something. So parents are more secure on their feet and they see their children almost immediately.


But where is that "sure foot" now? Many parents is busy with its own problems, so much so that it has neither the attention nor the sensory capacity of its children. So, for the most part, you choose the simplest, fastest way. And, in some cases, it is easier than obeying a child: buying the hundredth extra dummy in the shop that he mocks, letting him be terrified of the father, not arguing.- This is usually not neglect. The parent is in trouble. And most of the trouble comes from nymph. "Maybe I did something wrong, that's why my kid is like that! If I had managed to keep my father, we wouldn't be a truncated family now ... He's such a sick poorer, at least I won't cause him any sadness." So, even your basic limitations are out of the question, and little Napуleon has the wisdom to take advantage of the situation. In this case parents also need it psychologist to help your child not anxiously see his child through the sober so that the good autumn.
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