Mother's Day Love Test: Find Your Language of Love!

Mother's Day Love Test: Find Your Language of Love!

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Who do you like best in the world? Whoa! Your baby, your mum, your mom ... and they will kill you? Do you speak any other language?

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Why don't you mind me? Why don't you ever say you're proud of me? Gary Chapman According to the psychologist, we should express our love in many ways. It is a source of much sadness if you do not do it in a way that the other will understand. Some have the touch, the welcome, and the other words of appreciation. Some people feel that they like being listened to. He also sees the sign of love in other small gifts. And there is one who stops when the other watches all your desires. If the most important thing for you is healing, your couple has failed with a bouquet of flowers, you just consider throwing money. If you do not understand each other's language, you both feel cheated. It is important to know your own language of love and everyone around you. Our mother's daily test reveals which language of love you use. You can also find out what you want. And after all, what your child's love language is. We know you can circle more than you like, but only indicate the phrase that describes your first reaction or action that is most important to you! So honest, you won't regret it!
1. Today, grandma took care of the baby because it was an urgent matter. When the little one was in the door, he ran up to you with glittering eyes. What do you do after you tell her?
THE I lift it and kiss it, I don't wanna put it down!
B I'll tell you how crazy I am to see you again, and I'm proud that he was such a good kid.
C I'll give him the little gift I bought in between.
D I drop everything and just watch, let me tell you!
E I ask if everything is okay or not asking for something.
F We're leaving home already. We'll talk over the next.
2. He put his nose in the playground because the big boy slipping in his bed accidentally. What is your first reaction?
F Well, I put it down because I told you you could only slide if I was there!
B I'm starting to console me, "soldier." I'll tell you she's the closest one to the big ones, and she'll be a big big guy soon.
THE I take it, kiss it, comfort it, rub it in my ear.
C I promise you that when you get home, you can buy something at the store.
D I'll make sure I take care of it and stay with it, don't hurt it.
E I sit down and wet a jug of water on my nose to squeeze my painful nose.3. You had a hard day, went to the little one, waiting for the anesthetic ceremony. In the midst of great excitement, Duluth lost his first tooth. You'll be fat in the ovary on the mornings, you made sure you add a few packets of bread to your bag. You're barely pulling yourself, head on. What are you never going to miss?
D To tell her, sing to her before she falls asleep.
THE Collision, the evening kiss.
B I like to tell him I love it and how proud I am that he is so big he has lost his teeth.
C After he fell asleep, I slip under the pillow the gift of the dentist.
F We have no evening ceremony, I'll find the crap in the morning. Fogtьndйr? Well, don't you hell!
E The creeps come out of the chamber, because I saved him.
4. Children's Day is coming, the highlight of the day is that
C he gets the balloons he showed himself at the Red Park last year.
D only one of us walks in the zoo!
THE it stays in the morning and we hang around for as long as we want.
E you get what you want for breakfast. If you need to, I start baking pancakes at weeknight!
B I'll tell her how much I love her and how important she is to me.
F I can finally go to sleep, and good kid shows in the morning. Йrtйkelйs:
If it is most THE Answer: You're nice
The easiest way to express your love is through physical touch and appreciation. The child is very much in need of this, but it can be burdensome at times. Listen to your signs if you get carried away, you do not want to say "I do not love you", but "this is too much for me".
If the maximum is the B Answer: you are talkative You most easily express your love in words. Children appreciate this more from the age of ovis, especially before physical touch provides them with emotional security. Do not skimp on praise, but caress is important!
If the maximum is the C Answer: you are an enthusiast
You are most likely to express your love by giving. Be careful not to stash your stuff with dumb things and sweetness, and from time to time you should give gifts that have a sense of value: a luscious colored pebble, a sneezy chestnut, or a toast. Advice alone does not work, it only works with the other languages ​​of love.
If the maximum is the D Answer: you are a senior
Most of all, you express your love with quality time assurance. Quality time means undivided attention, which is a real sacrifice for the adult, as we have to give up important things. In this case, you are greeting the child with your presence. Also, make sure you have time for yourself, practice your other language of love, so your days may be more balanced.
If it's the most E Answer: you are a good man
Most of all, you express your love by offering hearts. Try to think about it, don't skip it all day. Try to filter out when you really need your help and when to express your love. Maybe the kiss, the hug, is a reassuring girl.
If you have the most answers F: elfбradtбl You must be very busy. Ask for help in your daily life or for solving your spiritual problems. If you feel a little relieved, you are afraid to express your love.
Read more about what do you understand and what your child is?

Does your child know that you love him?

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