Tell us about the evening!

Tell us about the evening!

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You can get started on your later learning difficulties by setting aside time for your evening story from the age of one! It is one of the best methods of jumping and relationship development.

Tell us about the evening!

THE half of the parents do not read evening tale, revealed the sad sadness of the topic. Many of us grew up with the fact that our parents read us aloud every night. However, this habit seems to be disappearing, at least according to a British study, where half of the parents say they he won't get into it time like that.
According to an article in the Daily Mail, even the mother and father were unable to insert the evening tale between their bushy activities, despite their best intentions.
The article refers to a telephone survey in which two thousand parents were asked about the board. 52 percent of them said they would tell their children regularly, but the remaining 48 said they were too busy.
Today's grown-ups have read 60 percent of them in the evening, but today, every second one turns off the lights and goes out of the room - despite the fact that eight in the fire agree that the evening's story has a fun effect on the child's development. The sad statistic came after a British government council expressed concern over the deteriorating oral skills of children. The number of children in the middle post is growing called to express themselves, as parents do not have time to develop them in this area - you can read about it in Medipress.

Be part of your everyday life!

The little ones are more egyйves they are ripe for their age listen to the story. Of course, this is not about long, read tales, but rather about short stories, simple storywhich is made up of elements that occur daily in the child's life.
Well, if you have a few storybooks that you can go through and link to the pictures, you have to say something. You can, for example, make a child and a photo of a family member drawing a special storybook. The most popular topics are bathing the baby, eating the baby, going to bed, going out to the playground, playing with the father, looking in the closet, not from the doctor, and going to the grandma and so on.
Your starting point Marík Veronika Annipanni and Boribon series. You can do the story as part of the evening laying ceremony. Even though you usually feel like it, the story goes into the infinite, and it repeatedly asks for the same story again and again. Now he's the main character!

The story continues

Indeed, he remains the main character, but he is increasingly tired of including the stories he has read and told about himself. Sometime уvodбs more sophisticated nappies arrive Grimm time for the story. Of course, in the beginning, you shouldn't skip or refine the scary details, but the result blurs the price. In these events basic conflicts appearing to help the child understand the function of the world and its role in it. Countless more interesting books deal with this analysis. Take a look at Bruno Bettelheim's classic, The Tale of the Fairy Tale and the Decaying Children's Souls, and Marie-Louise von Franz: A Tale of Women's Tale Shapes! In the midst of a story, you can revive your childhood, and break your head, wondering why your favorite story has been told by your mom so many times.

Basic Story for Girls: Help Your Body!

The female body has wonderful powers and abilities. Are the little ones aware of this when they grow up? Nowadays, maybe it doesn't work. The so-called body dysfunction is very common when we do not consider our body to be pretty, shapely, fit, and often have patterns that are not representative of the typical female characteristics. Women have to deal with a lot of uncertain effects, especially if they want to take care of motherhood and working women. Also known as the Golden Hair or Raponc, Grimm's tale tells us that solving complex problems is in our hands, or better in our bodies.
The Wonderful Golden Hair is locked in a tall tower, isolated from the world, where only the five witches who raise it regularly visit it. One day, however, a King rides past the tower, wondering how to get to the gate-sounding owner of the gate-free tower: the girl's long, strong pigtail! But once the Banya finds the Golden Dawn in the Dawn, he gets no revenge. Of course, at the end, everything goes to sea, and to put it all in place, the royal blindness is lightened by the girl's fallen tears when they find themselves together after a long and bitter walk.
The classic story of the Brothers Grimm is now portrayed by Sarah Gibb, a royal lady who was not an empire illustrator.
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