GYES 2018 - Amount, Required, Reference Date

GYES 2018 - Amount, Required, Reference Date

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Who is eligible for GYES and under what conditions? What is the amount of GYES? How can I drink it? When does my money or home arrive for cash? We have summarized the most important information.

Not only the mother, who is more well-known for child care, is entitled to childcare, as any parent living with a child in the household can claim it. Apart from the parent, the parent who is entitled to the child in his or her household may also be entitled, except for the child's guardian and the parent assigned exclusively to certain custody tasks. We've collected all the useful information about how you can request support and how much you can count.

Amount and date of referral

Is the monthly amount of GYES equal to the lowest amount of old age pension for a child? this currently $ 10 ?, for fractions of a month, one-thirtieth of the monthly amount is for a calendar day. For twins the same is the case for 200% of the minimum wage for two children, 300% for three, 400% for four, 500% for twins, and 600% for twins. Allowance 10% Pensioners and Private Pension Fund Membership is also deducted.How much does GYES cost? The GYES is subsequently paid to the bank account or home address of the claimant. In the case of reference to benefits, the until the 3rd of the following month, for my address, by the 10th of the month following the reference month must be continued.

How to get GYES?

You can request a childcare benefit by filling out the "Child Care Benefit Status Form" In your application, you will find which documents, documents or documents you must submit in order to be eligible. In the case of Szolnok, it is the place of residence of the claimant the county office of the county office, or if the claimant works at the office of the claimant, the petition for payment of the family allowance, Even in the case of a grandparent, the county office of the county in which the claimant resides is competent.For a convenience,for up to two months, eligibility may be granted from the first day of the second month before the day on which the application is made, provided that the conditions are met from that date.

How long do the beneficiaries receive GYES?

GYES is entitled to the parent until the child reaches the age of 3, or, in the case of twins, to the compulsory school age. In case of persistently ill or severely handicapped children, support is continued until the child is 10 years old. A child who has a child in his or her household also has a child if he or she has not been assigned a child for his or her child or if he or she does not live with the child assigned to his or her child. If the child is living with a child in the household, then the child may claim child support.

The adoptive parent also has GYES

Adoptive parent is eligible for childbirth up to six months after the date of placement prior to the adoption of the child, even if the child is 3 years of age or older. The valу ellбtбsra jogosultsбga meghatбrozott the elхbbiekben йletkor betцltйsйt kцvetхen the jogosultsбg kezdх szбmнtva idхpontjбtуl hуnappal can be extended to a maximum of 10 children йves korбig if receive цrцkbe szбndйkozott child 3 and йletйvйt 10 цrцkbefogadбs elхtti gondozбsba tцrtйnх kihelyezйst kцvetх 6 hуnapon belьl or, in the case of twin children, for placement within 6 months of placement prior to adoption, the children are required to attend school.

Can a grandparent use GYES?

A child born to a child's parents and their live-in spouse may also be entitled to childcare, provided that the grandparents meet the same conditions that are taken into account in the case of the parents. A grandparent can claim child care support if:
  • the child has completed his first year of life
  • caring for a child in the parent's household
  • the child's parents declare in writing that they are relinquishing childcare and that they agree to the need for a grandparent's care
  • or there are no other children in the parent's household with regard to whom child support is being provided
  • Eligible grandparent earning activities may be continued for up to thirty hours a week after the child has reached the age of three, but in the case of work in the home, there is no time limit.

When does the parent not have a child?

It is not good for the child if the parent:
  • places a child younger than half a year in a day care institution
  • the child is engaged in earning activity before the age of half
  • claiming benefits for a child who has been placed under temporary protection, temporary or extended education under the Law on the Protection of Children and the Administration of the Child, and has been staying for more than 30 days
  • is in pre-trial detention or is serving a prison sentence
  • if a person in childcare support loses their eligibility for support due to the death of the child he or she has raised
  • is involved in regular social cash training
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