Who helped the Twins?

Who helped the Twins?

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"Do you have twins? How are you?" I think you have been asked countless times. You may be bored, and you don't like to feel sorry for yourself, but let's face it, the request is legitimate.

Who helped the Twins?

Even the arrival of a single baby will fundamentally subvert life, making unhappy nightmares, exhausting days - especially in the first days - difficult. Well, you have to multiply that by two or three, and in extreme cases by four. And if you have twins with your existing children, it is almost impossible to master the situation without help, even though they are "super moms" who can do it. If you are more enthusiastic about this and feel that it would be good to have some of that lack of extra hands, the following little summary may be helpful.

Home Help Foundation

You can boldly say the foundation if you feel that you are not alone. The phone call will be followed by a face-to-face meeting as you get to know each other, the babies, and discuss the type of help you want and how often you want it. Our Home Help Team is an experienced, child-loving mother, grandmother who, whatever incredible, without financial reward do their job. Fortunately, there are more and more of them, so are they today not exclusively in Budapest angelic help may be required. You can inquire in one of the following ways:
Tel: 06-1-365-14-36
Mobile: 06-20-299-0672 (during business hours only)
E-mail: [email protected]
You can find their homepage here.


If the local budget allows, the twins go one-time financial support for many children with human resources in the local government. XVI. for example, in the case of triple twins, a symbolic wounded nurse is referred to the requesting family. (Previously, a mother who had raised three children under the age of 3 without assistance, but this opportunity had disappeared due to a tight financial situation, may have requested this). It is a good idea to inquire with your local government about whether they have implemented a gallant and family-friendly program like the one above.


The XIV. In the 19th century, family members of the Bosnian Square Church were brought together to help the new baby. Cooking, cleaning, babysitting, shopping that is, they typically engage in activities that have the least amount of time for a twin or multiple mother. Your field is interesting. I may have helped in other congregations similarly, but had not known it before.

Family friendly service

Here primarily spiritual supportYou can get them, that is, their skilled psychologist can help if the waves smash over your head. Together, it is easier to bridge the difficulties of the first period. The birth of twins may be a significant financial burden, and you can count on the fraud service that can be found locally.

Great Family Family Association

If you have at least three children, you can also join the NOE. A truly united team, well over seventy years ago, representing the interests of big family. You might also want to try their website because various activitiesYou can read more about it, read about current discounts, but also about family-friendly programs. There are several free advisory services in the center of the association: legal assistance, homework, family and social benefits, consumer protection, parenting. Find them bold, they will definitely help.
Frequent fashion shows are organized where you can get good quality used baby clothes for cheap or for free.
[email protected]
You can find their homepage here.


If you're lucky, you can have a confidential relationship during your pregnancy with the public guard. Experienced, many family members turn around for protection, so be sure to get an idea of ​​where to go if you get stuck. Little consideration, but it's even easier if the guardian visits you at home (if you have the balance), because you know that traveling with twins is not easy either.

Friend, relative, grandmother

THE most affordable solution. In a good case, you can offer help yourself, sometimes you have to (contrary to your expectations) or call your own, if you feel like it, not go it alone.
You may want to ask them about costing, ironing, overseeing the bigger kid. Many times they don't realize how much it counts for someone to take the twins sleeping in the stroller for a while while you shower. Give them a call and tell me what's missing you!


THE most comfortable, um kйtsйgtelenьl legdrбgбbb megoldбs. The biggest puzzle you can have is where you find the one you trust the most, the one you let into your home, the treasure of your most precious treasure. You can easily find Bibisitter-based agents on the Internet. It is probably more fortunate if you find a potty with your children when making a recommendation, because it is important to know that you are taking care of your babies as soon as possible. Be clear at the outset that you only require baby care or that you would like to help in our smaller household chores. Infant nurses who work in hospitals are also keen to see this change occasionally. (Brack: 1500 Ft / уrбtуl)
Collector's page on bisitter's items.
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