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Tendency and health

Tendency and health

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By the age of two, I almost had a problem with just my skin. But it's very early, so it's about a month old. The skin was always dry, sensitive, but by that time it was dotted with patches and often red.

Tendency and health

Interestingly, it is not in the usual places, in the face or in the climatic, but in spots almost everywhere. At that time, my baby was still breastfeeding or was in need of a nutritional replacement for the first few weeks. (I've been given formula in the hospital since my milk was hard to start with. I wouldn't have had a problem with that since mother's milk was for the smaller weights, but they could tell you what they got and when. )


Finally, I took him to a specialist leather shop where I confirmed the suspicion that's eczema. Not itchy, not stupid, but it is. Sadly and with little persuasion, I reduced my own cow's milk consumption, and sadly, but with more persuasion, I started using the creams. Fortunately, the steroid was barely needed, but we still lubricate the body regularly. THE bathing was thinned every 2-3 days. We didn't move it, nor was it sweaty, and luckily the white ones were white cotton. It seems - so far - that we are lucky, redness hasn't come any further. However, the skin is very dry, you need to pay attention. Really tight, atypical shape. That's right, I also have a voice.Atypia refers to the body's genetically predisposed allergy. Such individuals are more likely to respond to certain environmental stimuli by allergic production, i.e., production of IgE (type E immunoglobulin). Atypical diseases are allergic syndrome, asthma, eczema, and dietary allergies. For example, half of the children with atopic dermatitis (eczema) also have other atopic diseases, 15 percent of them will have asthma. Atypia is supposed to be a family hoax. Even though one of the parents has allergies, it is worthwhile to consider allergy prevention programs that begin at conception. Exclusive breastfeeding for up to 5-6 months and breastfeeding for as long as possible up to one year of age, and diets considered to be significant allergens (milk, eggs, honey, fish, small-seeded fruits) as soon as possible hopefully for all weddings, pediatricians and family physicians. prevention program postpones the onset of allergic disease and, according to some results, reduces the incidence. It's really hard to stay healthy these days! But common diseases are completely different than in centuries. Not infectious diseases are killed, but allergies and cancers. The reasons for this are not in our genius but in our genius in our environment, our way of life need to look. After weighing things up with the immune system, to sum it up, we need to say that in the first years of life, we need to get some