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Rendezvous VisitPoci Tales

Rendezvous VisitPoci Tales

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In our wedding story in Poci's room, the vine storm sweeps through. But does the Rendtner help?

A gray, cold, unfriendly day for us. The streets were uprooted by stormy winds, shaking the trash cans. Mom and Dad looked out the window. - What a mess! Look! - called Pocit Dad, who was playing in his room. The little boy ran to his parents. Together they watched the vine storm from the warm room.

- Mom, are you plasticizing me? the little boy asked.
- Sure. Get your plasticine fast! Mom smiled.
Toci ran into his room. - Mom, I can't get it. Segнts! shouted Poci.
Mom stepped into the room and was quite amazed.
- What a mess! It seems like here, too, thunderstorms all the way through! "So, just tidy up your games, we'll just plasticize afterwards," he said firmly.
- I don't wanna tidy up! Poci replied.
"And I do not want to water until such a mess," Mom said, then turned and sat down at the dining table, and began to watch. Toci ran after her and skipped her skirt and asked:
- What are you doing now? Let's plasticize!
- No, I need to write a letter to the Order Lieutenant! Mom smiled.
- Who's that genius? the little boy screamed.
"The Ordermaster makes sure that the children pack their toys when they are not playing with them anymore. They have miraculous clothes, lots of little pockets. These are special pockets. The Attendant's assistants are Ancsi and Pancsi Man. we find out which child left his toys. They give to the Orderer, who flies in the blink of an eye, and picks up the leftover pockets in his pockets.
Dad stepped into the dining room. "Certainly, somebody's gotta do it right, if you don't want to," Poci's dad smoothed her head.
- I heard some noise from your room.
- Motoscope? Poci's brown eyes widened and ran into the room.
- Oh! Here was the Orderman! You took a lot of games! shouted Poci.
Mom and Dad hurried to the room. Mom stroked her little boy's boxer.
- No need to be scared. Let's play the rest of the games! The teacher watches over us and brings back their favorite toys to normal kids. In fact, if we omit the missing toys on the shelf, they will all be put into place unnoticed - Mom told me more.
Poci tidied up the shelf with his tiny hands. - Leave my train here! - He told.
Poci turned and wonders, and in the meantime the train was really shelved.
"The Rendeer can put your blue truck here," Poci pointed to a blank space on the shelf.
In a magical way, the truck was parked and other games were in order.
Dad peeped under the bed. - Look, here's a man! she was surprised. Poci was very crazy for me. Dad took a little tidbit out of my pocket.
"Ancsi manu is my name, I am a friend of the Orderman ... and now is yours!"