Pregnant: This is when the sperm are the healthiest

Pregnant: This is when the sperm are the healthiest

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Generally, it doesn't matter when baby-planning couples come together, because sperm are the healthiest in the early morning, says Swiss researchers.

According to Swiss researchers, couples who are planning a baby have the best chance of success if they get together early in the morning, half past eight. Because sperms have an inner lobe similar to the human body, and they are the busiest in the early hours And the healthiest.Do you count when a couple wins? According to experts, it may also be important which month the couple is dealing with: sperm March, April and May are the healthiest, so during these periods there is the greatest chance of successful conception. "The quality of sperm varies according to circadian rhythm and annual rhythm," he said. dr. Brigitte Leeners, author of the research lead. "Sperms are the healthiest in the early morning, so having sexual intercourse can be a simple and natural way to increase fertility." those who have problems with infertility should not rely solely on timing. If you are regular, you have no sexual intercourse 1 year old baby will not come together, by all means seek medical attention! (Via)You may also be interested in:
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