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Certificate of certificate

Certificate of certificate

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Where can I get a birth certificate, how much does it cost, who can claim it? We have collected the most important information.

Certificate of certificate

Who can get a Hungarian certificate of registration?

All Hungarian citizens and foreigners who are non-Hungarian nationals who have been recruited by a Hungarian citizen must be registered. The birth must be reported to the relevant registrar. Childbirth is certified by a specialist in maternity ward, in the case of extra-curricular delivery, and is certified by the person responsible for the extra-curricular birth as defined in the Government Decree. Births in the institution are reported by the head of the institution. Outside childbirth is reported in the case of a parent born outside of the intended institution by a person specified in the government decree. The baby's details must be provided, along with the mother's ID card and residence card, along with a marriage certificate. If the parents are not married, they will request a paternal declaration. This kцvetхen the ъjszьlцtt anyakцnyvi kivonatбt given the szьlх lakcнmre posts by these people, postal ъton fogjбk megkьldeni.Reprodukciуs eljбrбs esetйn if the szьlхk not hбzasok, the above kнvьl szьksйgesek the kцvetkezх documents: documents kцzjegyzхi valу the reprodukciуs eljбrбsban rйszvйtelhez medical igazolбs that the baby megszьletett reprodukciуs a joint statement by a parent, notary, registrar or registrar of the child's surname (all parents must declare if they do not do so) is registered by the registrar to whom the birth occurred in the area in which he / she is working. The parent may announce a birth outside the planned institution within eight days.

How much is it?

The szьletйst kцvetхen szьletйsi anyakцnyvi statement issued illetйkmentes, however, if this will be a kцvetхen szьksйgьnk ъjabb pйldбnyra - meghatбrozott kivйtelektхl apart - illetйket HUF 2000 йrte fizetnьnkAz anyakцnyvvezetх be the instrument of anyakцnyvi igйny beйrkezйsйtхl szбmнtott 8 days belьl kiбllнtja, йs elkьldi the йrdekeltnek.

What does the certificate of incorporation contain?

  • place and date of birth (yyyy, hu, day);
  • the place of origin;
  • the child's family name and surname, gender, personal identification;
  • the parents' family name and place of birth, place of birth, personal identification, in the absence thereof the date of birth, the name of the place of residence of the parents;
  • multiple births;
  • the parents and the child have a proven foreign nationality, statelessness, or unknown nationality;
  • the registration time (yy, hu, day)
  • You do not have to pay the certificate of registration
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