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There are now the twins of Debrecen at home

Four twins, born on October 24, were able to go home to the Department of Childbirth at the University of Debrecen. The premature babies were hospitalized for 5 weeks, well, strong and healthy.

Few twins are home at Debrecen (photo: teamwork, childbirth and neonatology, as well as other specialties, are accomplished by working together to allow the mother and baby to leave the clinic without an injury. She has had twin pregnancies for the last 3 years and has had 30 years before. But with the development of assisted reproductive techniques, twin pregnancies are becoming more common, and there are currently 20 twin pregnant mothers near the clinic, says Krasznai Tibor ZoabrdThe baby was born with a cesarean section, and 5 weeks after birth, the baby could be sent home after childbirth. The three puppies and the baby, weighing between 1230 and 1750 grams, were born at 32 weeks pregnant, in a satisfying condition, but needed breathing. Every baby is more than two kilos. After returning home, parents stay in constant contact with the doctors at the Debrecen Clinic, who have trained home care staff for babies - read on We invited among others the home doctor of the babies, the locally competent advocate, and the mentoring program included mothers who also have premature babies and can support the parents. We talked about what to expect at home for the family, how the diet, the vaccine routine will change. We are in close contact with the family and will return to control in two weeks' time. Rouge Tnmea, pediatrician, infant and pediatrician at the University of Debrecen Clinical Center for Pediatric Medicine. Rickshaws and Panna are very active, but now they seem to be strong in their diets, and they also require nutrition first. Anita and Anna are significantly calmer. It is interesting that people who are side by side in the tummy also love to talk to each other. Even if they are turned away from each other, they turn their faces back and cuddle in a short time, said the mother, Anita Nagyné Kozбk.For the past month, Daddy has been with his wife and baby forever. In our home, he prepared everything for the return home. At first I couldn't really grasp your story, but we're getting bigger and bigger. I've been with my wife and my kids for 5 weeks now, I've learned about feeding, trying to help with everything, to take the burden off my wife, "said Dad, Great Richбrd.The parents said that they had received help from doctors and specialist staff to help bring home all the little babies and manage their little ones at home.
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